Sunday, September 28, 2008

New pics, finally!

I've been terrible about taking pictures lately!  Well, blame Ike, lack of power, and figuring out the new computer.  Finally!  Here are some recent ones......

Forget the toys, what's on TV?

Little Jokester

Addison has discovered her tongue.  She is constantly sticking it out at us.  Probably not a good habit to encourage, but gosh, it's so cute.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Well, just 48 hours ago on Friday night Andy, Addison, and I were "hunkering down" with Sam and SHeila and "sheltering in place" waiting for Ike. We had a few drinks, made some good food, and talked about how it was a little bit "exciting", but would stink to be without power for a few days. How wrong we were.

Ike has totally devasted Houston and surrounding areas as many of you know. We were actually lucky and blessed to come through unscathed, safe, and without damage to the house. However, many were not so fortunate. My parents have lived here for over 35 years and have never seen anything like it.

The aftermath is quite amazing. ANdy and I drove with Addison to Dallas today to stay with friends because at home we are without power (being told for about 3 weeks), no sanitary water, gasoline, and few stores for neccesary items. Driving north to Dallas on I-45 today, you could see just a little bit of the extensive devastation. Billboards were twisted and slammed into apartment buildings, destroying several units, trees down everywhere, no gas station that was available until Corsicana. The few that we did see had lines of literally 100 cars parked and waiting for gas...even as far North as Centerville.

Most importantly, we are safe. We will stay in Dallas at least until Wednesday and assess the situation then. Hopefully my parents, who live south of us will be getting power restored more quickly since they are with Centerpoint. If that's the case, we will be moving to Glenloch Farms with the Lebo's until the same happens for us. We hope everyone is safe, and we look forward to touching base with everyone soon.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We're Making a Move.....

to a new computer.

Bear with us on lack of updates and pictures for a couple of days until we get it all set up. Andy and I have no idea what we're doing. We got a Mac, and it's supposed to be as easy as just plugging it in. Really? I don't believe it so has just been sitting in the box unopened next to the desk for about two weeks now.

My laptop has gone on to a better place....the laptop graveyard. As my brother in law put it, "It's a brick"....that's the extent of its use. So I'm clinging to the only working computer we have left, but I do have high hopes for this transition.

I'm afraid to give up on my lifeline of the internet, but I think it's time. Wish us luck.

Monday, September 8, 2008

2004 Limited Highlander for Sale


I'm just putting it out there. Andy and I recently purchased a bigger SUV for the family, and we are looking to sell our Highlander. (As much as we love it, we don't want to be the proud owners of THREE SUV's with gas prices as they are these days.

If anyone is interested or knows someone who might be...let me know. It's such a great car and only has 43,000 miles and is covered by a Bumper to Bumper warranty until June 1, 2011.
It actually gets GREAT gas mileage for an SUV 25/19.
Sorry to use my blog like craigslist, but you never know.....

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I can't stop the orange & black

Football season has arrived. Andy was all excited to watch the OSU game on Saturday. Game was on....on all TV's upstairs and was cold...snacks were out. WAIT! "Addison has GOT to be wearing orange!" Andy paused the game and would not continue until Grandma Lois had outfited her. This is what I came home to....
WAIT! She also has to be wearing a bow! Game can go on......
After the Aggies lost to Arkansas State this weekend making our record with new coach 0-1, Addison might be wearing a lot more orange & black this year.

First cereal!!

We took the plunge! The rice cereal was not a huge hit....peas were a little bit better, but what she really loved was the apple/pears combination. Sweet tooth like her mom.

Baptism Sunday

Ok, the pics are out of order because I can't figure out how to load these darn things. We had a great time with family this weekend as all of the grandparents, great aunt & uncle Richard & Peggy, and Aunt Sarah, Uncle Mike and cousins Eloise, Owen, and Iris came to visit.
Addison did great...although a little fussy, but she was a trooper. She was blessed to get to wear a family heirloom christening gown worn by Andy's grandmother in 1917 and passed down to be worn by every family member since.

Poppy, Nana, Andy Addison, Me, Grandma Lois and Grandpa

Pastor Stu

None too happy!

RJ Goodies cake...a must have for any celebration!

Are we done yet?

Andy & Addison, Grandpa & Cousin Iris
Godparents Sarah & Mike