Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wicked Awesome

Our weekend was wicked. Wickedly awesome. Stop groaning at the pun, yes we went to Wicked, which was in fact, awesome, but you know what was REALLY awesome?
We had a babysitter TWO nights in a row. I know, wicked awesome.

So way back in March, I got Wicked tickets four months in advance because I've been wanting to see this show forever.

Then we thought, "Hey why don't we just go ahead and get season tickets for Broadway Across America next year? It will be a good excuse for a date night."

Then we got transfered. Good thing those things are refundable. But we did hold on to the Wicked tickets and I'm so glad we did.

I had our wonderful babysitter (who shall remain nameless until I move, then I'm auctioning off her digits.), take a quick picture of me and the kids before I left since that hardly ever happens.

This is about as good as we got...

Then I picked up Andy downtown, and we headed here.....
which, was one of the best meals I've ever had. I'm serious, awesome.
This was just the appetizer....too pretty to eat, but eat it, we did.
Then on to Wicked!

Update on the move...

Things were moving so slowly until Saturday, and since then...

We have met with three realtors, hired two, one here and one in San Diego.
We're doing last minute things, getting ready to put the house on the Market
We have eaten Mexican food twice....trying to get it in while we can.
House goes on the Market on Friday!!!
We have had four conference calls with the ReLo company, and are now making arrangements for our househunting trip....
interesting thing about San Diego....
I went to their version of "HAR" and put in $400,000 and a trailer popped up. Little bit of a sticker shock....


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

For Sale...sniff, sniff...

So I've been getting a lot of crap for crossing over to the "other side".
And I have to say, that it's taking some time to get over the stigma...to own up to the fact that I am in fact, a mini-van driving mom....but a cool one, at that.

And let it be known, that Addison included in her prayers yesterday, "Thank you for the black car.", so we do have at least one fan.

So, you can discontinue reading now, but I am going to put a shameless little plug for my other "cooler" car. I seriously love this car and if you know anyone that might be looking for a great family ride to truck around in, let us know.

It's still under bumper to bumper warranty!
You can check out the ad here.


Friday, July 16, 2010

Slow moving

I realized that it's been a long time since I've blogged.
And this is because I really have NOTHING going on.

Um....yeah. I feel like the last week has been crazy and I know it's only about to get worse.
Andy's transfer finally became "official" today at work. I feel like we've been talking about it for the last three months....because we have, but nothing has been happening on it. Well, that's about to change.

I've been getting asked quite a bit about when we move and don't really have an answer to that yet. But the ball is starting to roll.

We are going house-hunting August 4.....August seemed so far away until now. I'm thinking that our house will go on the market in the next week or so and then the fun really gets going. (Those words were dripping with sarcasm, by the way).

So yes, we bought a mini-van. The car I swore I'd never drive. I even made promises with friends never to let me drive one. They didn't keep up their end of the bargain.
What made us switch?

Well, my current car gets a respectable 12 miles to the gallon. We're moving to a state that prides themselves on being "green". No one is going to want that thing out there. So we're trying to get our money's worth while we're here.

I'm a little worried about making new friends. And now that I'm driving the coolest car ever, this concern has grown. Just kidding, but I'm seriously thinking about getting a license plate frame that says "I'm cooler than my minivan" just to give people a heads up.

In other Parsons' happenings...

Graham is now trying to pull up on everything.
Addison is obsessed with the sand station at the new Childrens' Museum.

Graham is not as entertained with it but gets his fill of people watching while we're there. And I get air conditioning.
Addison watched 5 other kids get face painted today before she allowed them to touch her, but now she's so proud of her new tattoo.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010


In honor of our most recent purchase.....

oh, yeah....I'm eating my own words. Never thought I would drive a swagger wagon. Never say never.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th!

Being outside celebrating the 4th yesterday made me realize just how much I'm going to miss all this heat and humidity.
About none.

I am going to miss the friends that we celebrated with like crazy. Miss them like crazy, not that we celebrated like crazy....or maybe we did because we all slept in until 930 this morning.

What's wrong with this picture?
Oh, I know, the fact that my 2 1/2 year old insisted on sitting in Beckett's high chair and bumping him to the "big boy" chair. Thanks for being such a gentleman about it B.

Beckett and Addison had so much fun on the slip and slide at Beckett's house.

Beckett, Anna, and Adam were thrilled and had no qualms about getting soaked.

Addison was a little more tentative.
I don't think she understands the whole concept yet of the slip and SLIDE....more just the slip.

She would yell, "Slide"...and then proceed to crouch under the water and WALK all the way to the end. She likes to live on the edge like that.

After we had lots of fun getting soaked, we dried off and got ready for fireworks. We had plans to go watch fireworks with everyone else in the Woodlands near Market Street, but our friends, Julie and Jamie, invited us to go with them to their little "secret" place.

So I can't tell you where we went, but maybe you can figure it out. I will tell you that there was a lot of space to run around...like 18 holes worth, and they were nice enough to let you bring your own coolers, you know for like, wine water and stuff.

We will definitely be coming back.

Graham was a little worn out, but was still a good sport.
This was my best effort to get a little brother/sister shot.
Turned out nicely, don't you think?
Addison had a BLAST running around and just hanging out watching the fireworks show. I think she said pretty about 56 times.

Hope that you and your family had a great holiday weekend!


Can't get enough of my cousins

We are going to miss so much when we move in a few months.
But one of best parts about being in Houston, and one of the things we'll miss the most...is having family so close by.

So we're trying to get in some good time while we still can.
love, love watching Addison and Iris play together. I hope that they will be the best of friends...and are already well on their way.


The Writing is on the wall...

Yes, the writing is most definitely on the wall....

I'm going to have a difficult 16 years ahead of me.