Friday, July 16, 2010

Slow moving

I realized that it's been a long time since I've blogged.
And this is because I really have NOTHING going on.

Um....yeah. I feel like the last week has been crazy and I know it's only about to get worse.
Andy's transfer finally became "official" today at work. I feel like we've been talking about it for the last three months....because we have, but nothing has been happening on it. Well, that's about to change.

I've been getting asked quite a bit about when we move and don't really have an answer to that yet. But the ball is starting to roll.

We are going house-hunting August 4.....August seemed so far away until now. I'm thinking that our house will go on the market in the next week or so and then the fun really gets going. (Those words were dripping with sarcasm, by the way).

So yes, we bought a mini-van. The car I swore I'd never drive. I even made promises with friends never to let me drive one. They didn't keep up their end of the bargain.
What made us switch?

Well, my current car gets a respectable 12 miles to the gallon. We're moving to a state that prides themselves on being "green". No one is going to want that thing out there. So we're trying to get our money's worth while we're here.

I'm a little worried about making new friends. And now that I'm driving the coolest car ever, this concern has grown. Just kidding, but I'm seriously thinking about getting a license plate frame that says "I'm cooler than my minivan" just to give people a heads up.

In other Parsons' happenings...

Graham is now trying to pull up on everything.
Addison is obsessed with the sand station at the new Childrens' Museum.

Graham is not as entertained with it but gets his fill of people watching while we're there. And I get air conditioning.
Addison watched 5 other kids get face painted today before she allowed them to touch her, but now she's so proud of her new tattoo.


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The Cocke Family said...

You are so brave to take the mini van plunge!!! I hope those sliding doors make it all worth it :)