Thursday, May 28, 2009

When you have nothing to blog about...

You take pictures of your kiddo....

Who couldn't care less about taking pictures....

Are we happy now???
Only dad can make her smile for the camera

I love the look on her face in this one... You wan't me to do what???

I would so much rather play in the rocks and dirt

Or do anything but look at the camera

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Getting Started Early

Addison's latest obsession is her Step 2 car and a little wristlet purse she found of mine.   

She loves to get into the car (with purse constantly in hand), get her drink from the backseat, turn on the "radio" (aka lion that sings in the back), and "drive".  Drop purse, turn upside down to rescue it at all costs, and get back out of the car before the process starts all over.  She can easily entertain herself for over an hour doing this.  

Dad may have something to worry about in another 15 years.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wake Up!

This time change has really done Addison in.  Everyone says it takes about 3 days to get back into the swing of things, but since we got back, Addison has wanted to stay up until 2am (screaming to get out of the crib..thinking it's been way too long of a nap) until we finally just turn off the monitor.  Then in the morning she will sleep until noon if I let her.  

This is how I found her at 9:30 this morning.  She is such a light sleeper that I have never been able to sneak up and snap a picture of her without waking her up, but I was able to snap away this morning....out cold.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Aloha Part 3

Thursday (Day 3) took no pictures

Maybe because our baby looked like this all day.

The lack of sleep was catching up to her.  She woke up at 1:30 am after going to be at 10pm (3am her time) and wouldn't calm down until Andy took her to sit by the ocean and watch the waves...which would have been really cute to see, but I was asleep in bed.
What a good dad!

Friday (day 4) Last day!

My mom and dad watched Addison so Andy and I could take a helicopter tour of the Island..which was incredible.  We flew over an active volcano and saw red lava pouring into the ocean.  Then we finished the tour by flying through these valleys with 2000 ft. waterfalls that looked like they were out of Jurassic Park.

Some of the pretty hibiscus that were all over the island with lava in the background
Ready to go!

Approaching the lava in the ocean...see the steam?

Over the of the coolest things I've ever seen
Maybe it's the former science teacher in me.

East coast flying from Hilo

See how clear the water is??

Hard to get good pictures and do these waterfalls justice with the reflections in the background

Came back to find Addison sitting with Nana and Poppy

Cute little bean

Here is little Parsons #2 debut on the blog.  I had an ultrasound today at 10 weeks 5 days, and I love getting to see the little hands and feet.  This pregnancy has been so much "easier" than my first, that I sometimes forget I'm pregnant....not a lot of morning sickness, just a little tired.  Maybe this will be my easy going child!!

My gut has been saying this little bean is a boy, but we will have to wait and see.  Heartbeat today was 182...pretty high.  In fact, the technician said, that might be a little girl heartbeat.  Addison was always high early on.  I can't stand the those of you who can wait to find out, I'm amazed.  I am counting down the weeks until blue or pink.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Aloha! Part 2

Day 2 (Wednesday)

We had some fun hanging out by the pool in the morning and then took a drive to the north side of the island in the afternoon.  Our hotel was in an area of Hawaii called, "the dry side", which is just covered with lava.  But when you drive north about an hour, you get into a rainforest area with great valleys and cliffs.  We got a sneak peek as to what our helicopter ride would show us later in the week.  I'll do those pics tomorrow..they are awesome!

Waterfall on the grounds on the way to the pool

Swimming with dad

North cliffs

Check out the 10 week pregnancy bump!

We have a walker!!! Finally at 13 months she took her first steps.  I think our record is 8 in a row.  We're building gradually!

We ended the night with apps and drinks on the balcony.  Gorgeous view!  All that was missing was my wine.  I'm already in withdrawal....6 1/2 more months to go.