Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cars mania

My friend, Karen, and her two boys hosted a Cars viewing party Monday morning complete with breakfast. Our thinking was to get the kids revved up for Cars 2.
I don't think they needed much revving.

Especially my youngest, who is currently OBSESSED with cars of all kinds.

Everyone brought a different breakfast item

And Amanda showed us all up by making these....

Lightning & Mater pancakes! How cute are these?

Before the show started we had some fun outside.

And then we gathered all the kids for the viewing.

I wish I would have gotten this about 5 seconds was hilarious watching all the moms try to capture a group shot before everyone moved.

The kids were uber excited for the first 5 minutes.

I love this picture because it shows not only how excited all the kids are but how focused Graham was on the show. I'm sure he was thinking....gets these kids out of the way and let me watch my show already.

And then they all left to play again except for Graham.

He stayed glued to the TV for the entire show.
The whole thing.
Maybe there is hope for him yet sitting through Cars 2 in the theater this weekend.

The only break he took was to go find Jamie who kept spoiling him with food when his momma had already told him no more.

And then he was back, glued to the set.

Thank you Dassos for such a FUN morning for both the kids and us mommas!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Come on over, the water's, warm enough.

It's officially summer because the waterslide was up this past weekend.
We were a little worried about it being too cold, but it was PERFECT.

Graham was seriously in heaven. This kid is such a water baby.
He's a magnet for the water and the waterslide was 100 times easier than dealing with the pool.

It was also 100 times easier this year because we weren't dealing with this.
This was a year ago. I think this was why Andy was a little hesitant about getting it back out again because his memories of it were a little traumatized from last year.

This year was seriously a piece of cake to set up and take down.

In the beginning we were both getting kind of a workout helping Graham figure out how to get up the wall.

I kept telling Andy, "won't it be great when he can just do it by himself and we can sit, watch, and drink our margarita?

Andy said, "yeah, but there is NO way he's getting it this summer."

And then the little guy proved him wrong.

And we did sit, enjoy our margaritas, and watched a few hours of this.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Let's go for a "hike"

Saturday morning we were enjoying being quite lazy and contemplating whether or not to try to make the 10:45 Yoga class at the gym. Andy decided, skip the gym and let's go enjoy the beautiful weather and hike Torrey Pines.

I say "hike" so loosely its pretty much undone, because we had a double jogger and knew the kids would only last about 30 minutes.

Nevertheless, we headed to Torrey Pines, which 250 people on YELP had given 5 stars.
We were very excited.

I don't think any of those 250 reviewers had kids under the age of 4.

I knew we may be in trouble at this point.
This was just getting into the stroller from the car.

The car that paid $10 to park its tail on top of the hill close to the trails.

My husband had suggested free parking, but I would like illustrate something.

Look closely.
I think Andy would have to agree it was a $10 well spent.
Because after-all, we were dealing with this.

Despite a little June Gloom again, it was gorgeous.

But I kid you not, as soon as I saw the sign warning of rattlesnakes, I wanted to get the $#*& out of there.

I swear we would be walking, I mean hiking and I would hear a constant rattling.
Could have been my imagination, but I think not.

There was the view.

This was right at the beginning of the 2/3 mile trail.

See? We're having fun!

And then my husband started grumbling quite a bit.
Because he was not enjoying pushing the double through the 4 inches of sand UPHILL.
I promise, this picture doesn't do the terrain justice.
Trust me, it was a lot of sand.

There were lots of lookout points, that we sped right past because,
not so much double jogger friendly.

And as I would stop to take a picture

my husband was high tailing it.

Because he and everyone else on that trail was hearing the soundtrack of this.
And I was still hearing the constant rattling.
Seriously, I just tried to not look too closely at the ground, afraid I was going to see something from that warning sign there.

You know what terrifies me at the zoo?

When we're in the reptile area and it takes me 6 minutes to find the rattlesnake in the 4 by 4 foot display.
Oh they are there all right,

At least at the zoo there is glass.
Not here.

So I started to "hike" faster to catch up with my husband.

But our 10 minute hike was beautiful.

Beautiful and creepy all at the same time.

And I do have to say that the $10 spent on parking was the best money I spent this weekend.


Friday, June 24, 2011

Summa, Summa, Summertime....

I just sit back and unwind...
Summer, Summer, Summertime...
I just sit back and unwind.

Name that song.

No? No Fresh Prince Jazzy Jeff Fans in the house.....
ah, brings back memories.

Can't believe that it's almost July.

I went walking with some girlfriends this morning and we were huffing and sweating at 9:30am. I got back in my car and the temp read 68.

I'm first to say that I've been quickly spoiled by the weather here.
Andy has to go back to Houston for work in July & August, and noticed that flights were cheap so he asked if I wanted to go.
You know why flights are cheap?
Because it's July & August. And you're flying to Houston.
Houston friends & family, miss you dearly, but I'll see you in September or October.

We've been doing a lot of relaxing around here lately.
Not much to blog about.
A little pool time.... (heated pool, by the way)
Lots of outside time
and a whole lotta friend time.

We also worked Kids Games at our church here, which is the equivalent of Vacation Bible School. I "job shared" with my friend, Emily, because we knew both of our little ones wouldn't be able to make it 5 days in a row in the nursery for 5 hours.
She sent me this picture of Graham that she found on the Kids Games site last night.

You think this was taken around 12:25pm?
Poor guy was exhausted.
Don't even ask me what he's wearing...I really couldn't tell you.

Tonight we had Travis & Stephanie over for Happy Hour, which turned into dinner, drinks & dessert.

We had so much fun.

I think it's safe to say the boys enjoyed it.

And Addison managed to get her cupcake even though her own dinner was barely touched because, well, I wanted to eat mine in peace.

This was the dessert Stephanie brought from Elizabethian bakery.
We are fans.
This was not dessert for all 4 of us by the way.
Individual sampler plates.
Good thing I'm getting serious about my New Years' Resolution starting tomorrow.
I'm serious.
It's been 6 months, I'm not playing anymore.
Or eating....
Or drinking.....
Not what I have been anyway.

All three kids had a blast!

Thanks for helping her up Tyler.

Great to have you back Vinings!!!