Tuesday, June 14, 2011

18 Months

Oh my little man, how did we get here already?
You are growing and changing SOO much lately!
You constantly make me smile and amaze me with how much you already know.

Your vocabulary has totally taken off.
You went in a matter of about two weeks from 5 words to close to 30.
You will also try to say just about anything.

You are totally mischievous!
you love to run away, especially if we're chasing you.
If we say no, you just smile and give us this look.

You are ULTRA-OBSESSED with cars and wheels right now.
You will point out and yell, "car" for every car you see.
This can make for a very long car ride.
You adore your sister and she loves you so much.
I love that you guys play with each other all the time and are so excited to see each other each morning.
If we go to a park and play with other kids, you guys usually end up playing with each other and are happy to be each other's best playmate.
It makes my heart so happy.


You pretty much keep up with the big kids now and scoff at the kiddie slides.
You will climb anything you can.

You love playing Peek a boo!
I think you like doing this because it makes mommy crack up each time.

You can point to your nose, eyes, etc.
and love to stick out your tongue.

Lately, you also are so excited when daddy comes home and want to wrestle with him all the time.
You also love watching "b ball" with him.
He's very excited to introduce you to college football in just a few short months.

Here are your 18 month stats little man!
I love you to pieces.
Seriously, I could kiss your sweet face all day.

Height: 34.25 inches (94%)
Weight: 26 pounds (53%)
Head: 48 cm (80%)


The Montgomerys said...

what a little love!

Ashley McWhorter said...

Man, he and Cash would get along GREAT!!!! Big boys an into everything!!!!