Sunday, September 16, 2012

In an effort to keep things honest...

It's been a bit of a rough week around here.
The kids have been pushing every button I have, ripping them out...and then losing them.  I mean, there are no more buttons left to push.  My four year old has learned and started using "Whatever."  I thought I had until the age of 11 or something to get ready for that.

My two year old has Regressed in potty training with a capital R.
I went out shopping for new bribes and creating new potty charts today because there are no other options.  I experienced my first day of both kids at pre-school last Thursday, and there is no going back.

Also going on this week....and taking me for a huge ride on an emotional roller coaster.....

1. The Parsons baby factory has been shut, slammed, and barred.  I mean, the doors have been closed for a long time....but they kind of had a sign on them (at least that I could see) that in soft writing said, "maybe come back in a few years"....."we're here if you change your mind"....

however, now the sign is no longer there....and a few tears have been shed.

I have been trying to soak up even more appreciation for these two in that realization though....
we are so blessed.  It's just hard knowing that chapter is done.

   So if you're counting...

1. Potty training regression
2. No more babies


3. We've had a bit of a painting mishap in our house this week.
What started as touching up one spot that the kids marked on the wall (thanks to leftover paint from the homeowners before us) turned into touching up over 100 other spots throughout our house.  I mean, while you have it may as well get things done, right?

Wrong color.


After three more paint matches, we are still not there.....and it's making me crazy.

but the week wasn't over....

4. My nook (electronic reader) got washed with the sheets.
I was in the middle of the second book in the Fifty Shades of Grey series.

And that about wraps up last week.

Hoping we can hold on for a better week this week.  

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Graham in the Mclaren....and I'm not talking about the stroller

Last weekend we did something for the boys.....and I kind of get it now.
I get why guys like my husband are enthralled by fast cars.

I, myself, just think they are pretty to look at.
We took advantage of a Groupon and went to a little exotic car show in Del Mar.
There were about 75 of these things that I'm sure cost an unGodly amount of money.

 Graham was excited to see the "real Finn McMissile".

Then, there were two of these.  I mean, that just looks impressive, but I can't imagine keeping it clean.  These are the things I think about.
 What was even more impressive was that they let a two year old sit in a MILLION $ CAR.
Ha!  I just potty trained him 6 weeks ago!
He was a little in awe of the doors.

 I mean, really?
I don't think it gets much cuter than this!

Oh, wait, it does.

Of course Addison had to have a go as well.
This girl asked Andy to close the doors so she could drive.
She will be so disappointed in twelve years when I hand her the keys to the 2000 4-Runner.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

And...they're back!

Back to school....
Or at least Addison's back and I'm praying Graham loves it as much as she does.

Addison is starting Pre-K this year and has Miss Debbie, along with a few sweet friends from her class last year.  She could not wait to run in the room and see everyone.

Graham has Miss Anne and I am hoping will do just fine even though he's a little on the younger side of his group.  He was a little more cautious going into the room today, but his face lit up when he saw everything to play with in the classroom.  He did whine a little bit when I started to go, and asked..."Mommy, I want to give you everything"...
so a hug, kiss, squeeze, high five, and knux later....he seemed fine for me to sneak out.
And then I shed a few tears.

My youngest was at school.
Albeit, only for an hour and fifteen minutes the first day, but I had no kids.
This was not why I was crying, if I'm being honest.

It was probably more because even though he's doing about 95% with potty training, I had forgotten his extra set of clothes and was praying he would make it.

He did. 

I ordered the best cups ever off a site on Etsy, which had the teacher's name on them and a little chalkboard that could be written on.  I loved them and highly recommend the little shop.

I'm hoping this year goes great for both of them.
I can't believe this is Addison's last year of pre-school.....and I'm hoping that Graham grows in his independence and makes some great little friendships of his own.  As much as I love that Addison and Graham are the best of friends, I love that school gives them a little bit of separation.

but they are both so excited they are going to be there least on the playground.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

It's so fun, you should do it.

I mentioned in the previous post that the roller coaster ride at Legoland deserved it's own post.
Addison has become a big fan of some big rides in the last few months....or so she says.
It's kind of like her saying she likes the green beans she's eating while grimacing the whole time and trying to chew without tasting.

At Legoland with the Fenns, Addison was telling Natalie all about the roller coaster...."its sooooo much fun, you're going to love it!"
And she did.  Natalie LOVED it.
Addison said she did, but I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Check out how happy Natalie was!

and it totally made it worth buying the best souvenir photo ever!


Reunions make me happy

My sweet friend, Becky, and her family came to stay with us a couple of weeks ago while vacationing out here from Dallas.

*This is another reason I'm so thankful we were not transferred to someplace like Idaho (no offense to Idaho), but people actually want to come visit you here.*

Anyways, Becky and I have known each other since college, where we were Chi-O's together and roommates senior year.....and I love this girl!
You know what else I love?  When you can pick up right where you left off years ago....that these friendships are so much fun, and just easy.
I LOVED watching our kids have an absolute blast together....that was one of my favorite parts.

We met them at Sea World on Friday.

This is our favorite spot there....the new sea turtle's just so cool.

 And my kids are totally mesmerized by it.

Graham is also mesmerized by the beluga whale.

 The girls really started to bond on Abby's Starfish ride.  Us adults were ordered not to touch the wheel..."it's only for kids guys."

The next day it was off to Legoland!...where I think Andy and Brett were given the same instructions

And then the girls and their dads conquered the biggest roller coaster in the park at 9am....and I will have an entirely separate post for this...because it's warranted.

 Lots of playtime had at the house...

It's so much more fun playing dress up with another little girl.  Graham is not too into dressing up like Ariel.  Addison was in heaven.

Addison and Natalie became fast friends in three days.  It was seriously so much fun to watch and it made me again want to just squeeze Texas and California together to be closer to all of these people.

Here is a quick pic from 1999....oh my goodness, doesn't that just sound like a long time ago??
I just love that I can look at this pic of two great friends and then thirteen years later....

 our little girls get to play together...makes me so happy.

and here is sweet Drew, who was so much fun too.  I love how close in age all four of them are....and I love how he found his way into this picture.

Before they left, we took them to Brigantine for Sunday brunch.
It's one of our favorite places where you can sit outside, take in the view, amazing food, and $3 unlimited mimosas.
Which may explain why we didn't feel my first California earthquake...a 4.3.  
Yes Becky, it happened while we were at the Brigantine enjoying said mimosas.....oops.

And then it was time for hugs and goodbyes....and promises of more visits to come.

We love you Fenn Family!!!
 Roller coaster post to come....get ready.