Tuesday, September 11, 2012

And...they're back!

Back to school....
Or at least Addison's back and I'm praying Graham loves it as much as she does.

Addison is starting Pre-K this year and has Miss Debbie, along with a few sweet friends from her class last year.  She could not wait to run in the room and see everyone.

Graham has Miss Anne and I am hoping will do just fine even though he's a little on the younger side of his group.  He was a little more cautious going into the room today, but his face lit up when he saw everything to play with in the classroom.  He did whine a little bit when I started to go, and asked..."Mommy, I want to give you everything"...
so a hug, kiss, squeeze, high five, and knux later....he seemed fine for me to sneak out.
And then I shed a few tears.

My youngest was at school.
Albeit, only for an hour and fifteen minutes the first day, but I had no kids.
This was not why I was crying, if I'm being honest.

It was probably more because even though he's doing about 95% with potty training, I had forgotten his extra set of clothes and was praying he would make it.

He did. 

I ordered the best cups ever off a site on Etsy, which had the teacher's name on them and a little chalkboard that could be written on.  I loved them and highly recommend the little shop.

I'm hoping this year goes great for both of them.
I can't believe this is Addison's last year of pre-school.....and I'm hoping that Graham grows in his independence and makes some great little friendships of his own.  As much as I love that Addison and Graham are the best of friends, I love that school gives them a little bit of separation.

but they are both so excited they are going to be there together...at least on the playground.

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