Sunday, January 31, 2010

Forced Upon Sibling Affection

All in all, Addison has adjusted pretty well to being a big sister....and she's a pretty good one.
So long as she still gets plenty of one on one love and attention from mommy & daddy, which obviously isn't as often as it used to be....but we're trying.

She was so excited to play outside this week and show off her artistry on the driveway.

I mean, c'mon? Writing her name already? The child's a genius.
Graham has been doing a lot of this.....
And Addison's always right there making sure he's comfortable.
We had some snuggle time watching Elmo this weekend.

And since we were feeling the love....I decided to have Addison hold Graham for the first time...

Can you sense her excitement and adoration?
This picture cracks me up! Don't they both look thrilled??
Giving kisses
Back to mommy. So serious! We have been seeing a few more smiles, but they are hard to catch on camera.
I totally remember Addison going through this....we used to call her Stone Cold.

Oh my they look alike or what???


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wine Night

Those girlfriends of mine who I was supposed to meet out last night at Crescent Moon are probably curious as to the title of this post seeing as I how I never showed up.

I was supposed to meet a bunch of girls for a ladies' night out...I had been looking forward to it for weeks! I reminded Andy to get home on time because I had to leave by 7, and assured him that a wine bar was not a place for a baby when he asked if I was taking Graham.

I totally understand his apprehension....two kiddos on his own and around bedtime? Scary. Not that I didn't think he could handle it...he would be fine.

Well Andy did get home in time for me to go and was ready and geared up to take on his daddy duty...but.... I was EXHAUSTED. The thought of actually getting in the car and driving to the wine bar was too much....I know, pathetic.

But wine night still happened.

Andy suggested he put Addison to bed, I feed Graham and then pour myself a big glass and sit on the couch and catch up on my DVR'd shows. He would take Graham and I could just pretend I was at the wine bar off duty until 9:30....when I had told him I was going to be home.

Can I tell you how great it is to have a wine night out? Yes, I missed my girlfriends, but the chance to vedge out on the couch in my PJs, drink some wine and eat some jelly bellys while watching the biggest loser was just what I needed after a long day!

And it gets even better.....

Little man slept from midnight until 6am!!!! Six hours people! Huge improvement from the four times up the night before. I woke up when Andy's alarm went off and ran to check the bassinet to make sure he was still breathing! Breathing and sleeping away he was.

Could it have been that wine night was good for Graham too?

And now for a little bit of fun....

Addison absolutely loves playing around teasing Harley....
We took some time playing around with the camera yesterday. She loves it when I take the picture and wants to see it right away. I love those blue eyes...this may be why she sometimes gets away with more than she should.
and just another typical morning in the playroom....again, must have her hat and shoes!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bubble Fun

Addison gets excited about anything Elmo. So when we found an Elmo bubble blower in the clearance section at Wal-Mart....I thought she might pee her pants...and she probably did seeing as how we're no where close to being potty trained.

The rest of the afternoon, the child was entertained.

And ready to curl up on the couch for a SHOW...her other favorite thing so mom could actually get something done cook dinner or hold her other kiddo.

Speaking of other kiddo......
Little man is still not sleeping a lot but mom will forgive him for now because of his pure cuteness.....a few more weeks of this and she may change her tune!


Monday, January 25, 2010

Catching Up

I'm so in blog withdrawal. I was without my camera for three weeks, which I blame for my lack of posting. But, it's finally back and so is the blog.

Here's what we've been up to...

Lots of playing outside. I love winter in Houston. My daughter does too because it gives her an excuse to continue her obsession with accessorizing. Hat, sunglasses, mitten, jacket, and of

It's sometimes a battle I don't want to fight to get her to remove them inside as well.

Along with playing dress up...Addison is really into coloring lately. Quite the budding artist.

And what about the little munchkin??

He's not so little anymore. I can't wait until we go in for his two month check up next week to get some official stats, but our boy is such a little chubster....and I'm loving it!

Taking in the view....from his comfy seat.
It's exhausting just watching his sister. Believe me bud, mom can identify!


Friday, January 8, 2010

My Camera is Sick

Not sick like in a cool way...
sick like it needs the camera doctor...

and I'm hoping that the camera doctor will come in the form of the Nikon warranty center.
I will hopefully get the full diagnosis in the next few days.

Until then....

I'm borrowing pictures from others...

Here are a couple of our pics from our newborn session with Shannon.

And this picture cracks me up! My sister-in-law, Crystal, took it when she and Andy's brother were visiting over Christmas.

In other news....

I have survived my first week at home with both kiddos by myself!

You don't realize how great the help and the sleep is until it's gone...

but you know what?

We did ok! I'm having fun getting to play with Addison again and we even got out of the house a couple of times! Baby steps....


Saturday, January 2, 2010

One Month and Lil' Miss Fashionista

Look who's already one month old???

Here's what you've been up to Graham....

* You are wearing size 1 diapers as of today
*But you're still wearing newborn clothes
* You much prefer being held over being anywhere else (this is very sweet except in the middle of the night or when mom needs to chase after your sister)
*You are nursing about 8 times a day and taking one bottle at night
*You already love staring at the TV

Your sister has a new love of accessories...especially hats.

She likes to take it off and put it back on and will wear it for hours on end...
And does not appreciate it when anyone else tries to mess with her style!


Friday, January 1, 2010

In Love

Does it get much better than this??

Vacuuming and taking care of Addison so I could sleep in until 11am.....

because I was dealing with loving on this cutie all night!