Sunday, January 31, 2010

Forced Upon Sibling Affection

All in all, Addison has adjusted pretty well to being a big sister....and she's a pretty good one.
So long as she still gets plenty of one on one love and attention from mommy & daddy, which obviously isn't as often as it used to be....but we're trying.

She was so excited to play outside this week and show off her artistry on the driveway.

I mean, c'mon? Writing her name already? The child's a genius.
Graham has been doing a lot of this.....
And Addison's always right there making sure he's comfortable.
We had some snuggle time watching Elmo this weekend.

And since we were feeling the love....I decided to have Addison hold Graham for the first time...

Can you sense her excitement and adoration?
This picture cracks me up! Don't they both look thrilled??
Giving kisses
Back to mommy. So serious! We have been seeing a few more smiles, but they are hard to catch on camera.
I totally remember Addison going through this....we used to call her Stone Cold.

Oh my they look alike or what???



Katie said...

So cute. They do look alike, especially through the eyes. Love Addison's red shoes.

Lindsay Wagner said...

they really do look SO much alike....too cute!

Mary said...

cute! they really look a lot alike!

Lacey said...

You know what is funny? I don't think they look all that much alike. Maybe in the serious face...but I have thought since first seeing him that he looks different than his sister. But you are the Mom, so you probably know best. ;0) Addison is such a genius. I am impressed!. She will love being a sister when Graham starts interacting more. She'll come around. :)

Anyway, alike or not, they are both adorable!