Thursday, January 31, 2013

Free Weekend = Impromptu trip

January has been a nice recovery from the craziness of November/December.
Our weekends are about to pick up again, but the last few have been blissfully open.
Last weekend we had absolutely nothing.  I can't remember the last time that's happened.
So of course we filled it with something by taking a trip up to LA to visit Suzanne, Brian, Desmond, and Charlie.  

Suz & Brian are good friends of ours from back home in Texas.  They've lived out in California for 7 years and it's nice to be able to get together whenever we're able, although we all know how crazy life gets...there just aren't a lot of opportunities. Even more surprising that we had an open weekend, turns out they did as well.


We stopped at Starbucks (a necessity for a road trip) and were excited to see this little gem as we pulled out.  You have to stop and take a picture of the weinermobile....I mean, there is only one, or at least that's what wikipedia said.

Ever since the paci fairy showed up (two years behind schedule), this guy has not been taking too many naps.  He caught up on the way up the 5.

We arrived!  I was so excited to see Brian & Suzanne's kiddos.....I had never even met Charlie!
My kids loved playing with hers and wore each other out.

 We walked to a fun park down the street before heading back to get read for bed.

or not.  These kiddos stayed up for a while, but then what fun are sleepovers when you don't?

Graham loved chilling in Desmond's "datman" chair.

Sunday after a totally lazy morning (I love those), we headed to The Grove.  I had never been before, but loved it.  Not only do they have such great shopping areas, but there are tons of restaurants and a HUGE farmer's market.

The nerd in me kept trying to catch a glimpse of an "Us Weekly worthy" person, but most of them were probably busy getting ready for the SAG awards.  =)

More exciting than a celebrity sighting was Dylan's candy shop.


 Strolling through the Farmer's market...

and killing some time waiting for a table for lunch...  

We ate at a place called "short order" and it was so good.
This pic makes me laugh because I was a little "short" on getting it.  
Can anyone else identify with me you gagging when you hear yourself say....
"You need to eat all of your grilled cheese and fries if you want your candy".

Andy and I played tourists as we drove through Beverly Hills and Rodeo drive area....nerds.

Then back home to reality we went... 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

USS Midway

Sunday we took the kids downtown to tour "the big ship".  and helicopters.

 I remember doing something like this when I was little and I was excited for the kids to see everything....especially Graham, who is way into planes

We decided that our kids should totally be an exception to the "no kids under 6 for the audio tour" rule because what kid doesn't want headphones when they're being handed out?

The big wigs.

When did she start trying to strike a pose?  

The coolest part by far was the flight deck.  I think all 4 of us loved it.  And I love this picture of my two boys.

If you look closely you'll see Graham giving the Top Gun thumbs up.

I love this one too....Graham was in awe.

It was another gorgeous day!

You could actually get on some of the planes and helicopters which the kids thought was so cool.

making friends...

It was a fun afternoon and I highly suggest taking the kids for you San Diegans.


Monday, January 21, 2013

The Sunshine Tax

We knew when we moved out here (going on 2 1/2 years already, I can't believe it), that everything cost a little bit more.  Housing, gas, groceries, movie tickets, and babysitting to name a few.....but there are some breaks that you get from paying up  a little bit.
You get weather like this in January....and wine is cheaper.

People refer to that upcharge as the "sunshine tax".  It's been nice to at least get to enjoy the perks of it.
This weekend was gorgeous and we had a rarity in this open weekend to enjoy it.

Friday we met some friends at the beach to soak up the sun.

Saturday we started the day at VG's donuts (no bad day ever starts at VG's)
and then headed down to the beach again for a walk and seashell collecting.
Every time I go there, I think, "why do we not do this all the time?"  It's so pretty and free.
Now that the kids are getting a little more manageable I'm hoping that we'll be making more of a habit of this.

Why does he look so big here?

  Sunday night after spending a great afternoon down at the USS Midway (next post), I met some girl friends down at the beach for a sunset walk (without kids).  And here is when I say.....why the heck am I not doing this all the time?  It was so relaxing and nice to get away....until I realized back at the car that my credit card had fallen out of my pocket when I grabbed my phone for pictures.
So because of this picture, my card is MIA.
As long as the tide took it out, I'd say it was worth it.