Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Starting the new year off right

Our day started off lazy and quiet....and recovering, some of us were definitely recovering from the night before.
 Around 11 we decided we should probably get our kiddos out of the house or we were all going to go crazy!  

We headed to the Encinitas Ranch putting green so Andy could help Addison and Graham try out their new clubs that Poppy and Nana gave them for Christmas.  It went pretty well, and I think this is a GREAT activity that Andy can do to bond with our kids, just the THREE of them.

Andy was pretty insistent that he teach both kids the proper grip, to which I say....good luck.  It's hard enough teaching them how to hold a pencil the right way, let alone interlacing fingers and such while swinging a club.  They were really trying to get it right though.

After the golf outing, we headed to the park to get some bike practice in.
Addison decided that yesterday was a perfect day to take off her training wheels.
She did great!!!  She definitely still needs some practice, but she's getting the hang of it.

I am also going to be trying something new this year as far as resolutions go.
I love taking pictures but I never want to lug around my big camera whenever we're just doing the everyday stuff.  Because of this, I feel like I don't have the random, catching life as it happens pictures of my kids.  My phone is a lot easier to have on hand's almost like a 5th appendage, sad to say.
So, I'm going to try this 365 project on Instagram.
If you want to follow me, I'm mbparsons on Instagram.
The idea is to take a picture of each kid EVERY day.  I might be getting in over my head, but I just thought it would be cool to look back and see an entire year documented.  And it might help me get better at taking pictures with my phone.  =)...still trying to figure that out.
So I won't be putting these on the blog that much, but will hopefully do something kind of fun with it at the end of the year.  To give you an idea, here on the ones from the first two days.  Two for two people!

#365daysofgraham Day 1
 #365daysofgraham Day 2

#365daysofaddisonbrye Day 1

 #365daysofaddisonbrye Day 2
as you can see, we didn't get out of our pajamas on day 2.  =)

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