Thursday, January 17, 2013

Annie's sprinkle

My sweet friend, Annie, is about to welcome a FOURTH BOY.  She'll appreciate that I put that in all caps.  I think that's something that's definitely caps worthy.  =) Four boys.
Annie was made to be a momma.  She handles the chaos of motherhood so well.  She's real about challenges she faces, which a momma like myself appreciates.  

Karen threw her such a sweet surprise sprinkle to celebrate Noah last Saturday.
We were all thrilled to get together and not only celebrate this little one, but celebrate the fact that all of us moms had two hours to ourselves with friends...can I get an amen?

On with the pics.  Thanks so much Karen for hosting, as always, you're amazing!
 There were a bunch of bumps at this sprinkle....something must be in the water. 
 Water that I won't be drinking.  =)

 I am not much of a game girl, but I loved watching Karen's take on how long her string should be to go around Annie's belly. 

 a tad off

Annie's gift from the group of us was a day at the La Costa Spa.
I need to remind Andy that this was the best Valentine's gift ever last year, and if he is looking for any ideas for THIS Valentine's Day, he need look no further.
Andy, if you're reading this.....Valentine's Day is less than a month away. )

To my sweet friend....cheers!
  We can't wait to meet Noah.

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The Montgomerys said...

oh friend, thank you! what sweet words and great memories! i am one lucky gal to be surrounded by so many great friends. thank you! xoxo