Friday, October 30, 2009

Sneak Peek

Trick or Treat Little Miss Ladybug!


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Fun

We tried another go at the pumpkin patch today, but Addison is not one to outright smile for the camera unless she's manipulated or given food so we did the best we could.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chinese Water Torture

Chinese water torture...or her first's hard to tell the difference.

Starts off long as she has her goldfish.
The before shot.
She had the sweetest lady cutting her hair. We went in for "Toddler Tuesday" as Sweet & Sassy. Tuesdays offer a $10 haircut and this nice lady earned every penny.

What'cha doing there??
And so it begins...
Not liking the spray down
You miss the whole transition from cute little kid chair to adult chair in the corner where child can be physically restrained by parent.

This is the aftermath and as I"m pretty much holding the girl in almost a headlock, I'm trying to document with the camera like any responsible parent would do.
Keep in mind the whole thing is done.....the lady is no where in sight but she carried on for a good 5 minutes more just to let me know how unhappy she was with the whole thing.
I'll have an after shot was all we could do to get out of there in one piece!


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin Patch and other Fun

We took advantage of the beautiful weather and went to the pumpkin patch at our church....after driving 30 minutes to spring to the WRONG pumpkin patch to meet our friends. Here is my tip for the day....don't go to the Pumpkin patch at the Old Christmas tree's an absolute ZOO! We didn't even get out of the car before turning around and going back to the church to meet Sheila and Beckett.

Little Miss is super fast and thinks that chase is a great game right if I'm not 33 weeks pregnant trying to hobble after her. I got a few shots, but then ended up taking more of Beckett because at least he would sit still!

Beckett eyeing the snack.....which note in the pictures ..never left her hand

It looks like she's slapping him upside the head, but this is her hello as of a little "pat".

Yesterday some of my closest friends threw me a little "sprinkle" to welcome baby Graham. It was so fun and perfect and I'll have pictures to show later in the week. But here is a pic of the adorable little cookies, my friend, Natalie made. How cute are they?

Addison approves!
Quick pic before church...getting in the theme of her Halloween outfit this year...little miss ladybug.
Random pic, but she is still all about the cell phone or any phone for that matter. If she see's it, it's hers.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


We're not ready for a spoon....


Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Gym Party

Well I had this big plan to get up this morning and take Addison to Market Street for her 18 month pictures...enter rain. So cute pictures will have to wait. We did get to escape the rain and get out of the house today to go celebrate our friend and neighbor, Eleanor's 2nd birthday at My Gym. Even more got to come! Not only was Addison excited she got to wear daddy out, but mom was SUPER excited that she would not have to chase Addison around all by herself, being 31 weeks pregnant.

A few pics before giving up on pictures and letting the rain win. I realize the leopard outfit is slightly obnoxious and over the top, but we're so excited to be wearing some of fall clothes finally!

Please put the camera away....
On to the gym!

Eleanor enjoying her party
I love that Andy got this look on camera because she gives it to us all the time!
Having fun with dad

Happy 2nd Birthday Eleanor!
I love cupcakes and finished before anyone else...then immediately made the sign for more.
Loving my new shades and no....I won't take them off.