Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chinese Water Torture

Chinese water torture...or her first haircut...it's hard to tell the difference.

Starts off fine....as long as she has her goldfish.
The before shot.
She had the sweetest lady cutting her hair. We went in for "Toddler Tuesday" as Sweet & Sassy. Tuesdays offer a $10 haircut and this nice lady earned every penny.

What'cha doing there??
And so it begins...
Not liking the spray down
You miss the whole transition from cute little kid chair to adult chair in the corner where child can be physically restrained by parent.

This is the aftermath and as I"m pretty much holding the girl in almost a headlock, I'm trying to document with the camera like any responsible parent would do.
Keep in mind the whole thing is done.....the lady is no where in sight but she carried on for a good 5 minutes more just to let me know how unhappy she was with the whole thing.
I'll have an after shot later....it was all we could do to get out of there in one piece!



sarah watson said...

that is NOT fun...Brooke had the same experience today at the dentist...poor Dr. Oakley :(

the deKorne family said...

ha cute! sorry she wasn't too pleased. i guess i'm glad i let ava had a mullet for awhile bc she loved it when she finally got there. :)

Honeyman 4 said...

Too funny! Drew got were I was the only one allowed to cut it, now he wants it 'sooo long' and won't let anyone touch it. Love the pics! Nothing easy about that! One down, a million more to go.

Lacey said...

Poor girl! Did they have lollipops? Can't wait to see the end result. Did you get her bangs? Sweet girl. Hope she is happier tonight.

The Yartym's said...

that same lady pierced paige's ears.