Wednesday, June 19, 2013

TIme for some pics

I'm sure some of you can identify, but figuring out what to give your parents in terms of gifts gets harder and harder.  They don't really need anything.  They say they don't want anything, but you can't really just not give them anything.....

My parents often just ask for recent pictures of the kiddos....especially since they get to see them a lot less frequently in recent years.  I love pictures.  I love taking pictures, but lately I've only been pulling out my "big camera" when taking pictures of other people and pictures of my own kids usually find their way onto the phone and Instagram (which I love), but never get printed out.
After promising my dad for Father's Day some recent pictures (and probably a good chance I promised my mom for Mother's Day a month ago), I decided I better make good on my promise, and told the kids we were going to have some fun with the camera and there would be jelly beans involved.






Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It wasn't too long ago that these two little ones went to school for the first time together.
And now, nine months later......the last day they will go to pre-school together.

I still can't believe I almost didn't send Graham this year.  
He was one of the youngest in his class, and we were trying to do a crash course in potty training just to get him glad we did.
My kids both LOVE school.
They love being there together and waving to each other at lunch, playing together on the playground, etc.  I'm so sad this little phase is already over.

Because I have a pre-school graduate.
And doesn't she look thrilled about it?

She was.
She's been "waitin' on kindergarden" for over a year now.

 True story....
my mom was talking to her on the phone last summer asking what she had been up to.
Her response....
"Oh, just waitin' on Kindergarden!"....that was a year ago.
I know this girl is ready, but I may not be.
I cried dropping her off at pre-school for the last time yesterday.

Graham had his "promotion" day as well.
He'll technically be in Pre-K next year, but definitely has two more years of school before Kindergarden.....thank you.....I am so not ready for that.
 It will sure be different next year, just being the two of us.
But I'm excited about getting some special time with my boy too.

Both my kids have been so blessed by amazing teachers.
Graham and sweet, sweet Miss Anne

 Summer is officially here!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Gave it all up for Disney

When we first moved out here....almost three years ago (wow), we got season passes to almost anything within the vicinity of San Diego, 
Sea World.

We got these not only because they are fun, amazing places, but let's be honest....
we didn't know anyone and we needed to fill our time.

Then we realized a few things.

1. Having season passes to all those places cost a small fortune.
2. We were always going somewhere to get use out of our passes....and although fun, what happened to lazy weekends??
3. We met friends and wanted to spend time with those people too.

So for lots of reasons, we started to let all those passes expire....and didn't miss any of those places too much....except for Disney.

We love Disneyland.
But then Carsland opened, and we LOVE California Adventure.
So in April, we decided that although Disney has become WAY too proud of their tickets and season passes, it would be worth it to have a year full of fun memories.

We kicked it off with a long weekend, staying at a hotel and doing the whole shabang.

Graham was so excited to be reunited with Mater.

The kids were strategizing over the map.

 We had some lines, but standing in line with a 3 and 5 year old is not surprisingly so much better than a 1 and 3 year old.

 It's always so fun the few times a year we actually stay overnight.
The kids love the whole hotel experience and we love going on rides at 11 o'clock at night.
Our kids are troopers.

 We saw World of Color, which is such a great show.
 Graham rode Splash Mountain for the first time at 10:30 at night and LOVED it, not the same feeling for Tower of Terror, however.
 Saying goodnight.....
 and good morning.....

 Because we were staying on resort property, they allow you inside the park an hour before opening with every other family that's staying on property.

The wait before.....

 and we would be the one family RUNNING for Carsland.....nobody was in the park, so we would surely get there first, right?

No.  They had us figured out, those Cars.  All the other crazy families had to wait with us behind Mater and Lightening before they let us beeline straight for Radiator Racers (the ride that's always a 2-3 hour wait).
 Yeah, that whole run through the park didn't get us too far.....
 But a 10 minute wait is SO much better than a 210 minute wait.
 Our kids LOVED it.  This is my favorite part of Disney....seeing how excited they get.
or freaked out.....tomato, tom a to.

A celebrity sighting!

On the walk to the Tower of Terror....we took full advantage of Graham finally reaching the 40 inch height requirement to break him in on all the rides we like to ride.

 Him, not so much......
Addison however loved it....even though you can't tell by her face.

 I phone picture credit: Addison

Around meltdown:thirty, Addison tripped and skinned her knee.
Snow White was so sweet to see her and stop to comfort her.
Addison still talks about it......"Mom, you know when I met the REAL Snow White...."

Another reason why I love Disney so much.