Thursday, March 13, 2014

G's new look

First and foremost, here's a picture of my little guy with his new "magic" glasses.  Doesn't he look cute?  And now a little back story....

At his two year check up, the pediatrician told me she thought G had a lazy eye, which totally threw me for a loop.  She recommended that I take him to a specialist for a 4 hour eye exam.
That sounded fun.
We went and it was awful.  He was two, and he acted like a two year old.
The eye specialist we went to at the time seemed like she didn't even like kids.  Did I already say it was awful?
She told me that it appeared he had to astigmatisms and we could either put him in glasses then or just "wait and see".  What mom WANTS to put her two year old in glasses?
And also....I never wanted to see that doctor again.

So fast forward two more years.  At his 4 year check up (new pediatrician) notices in his chart that we went a couple of years ago and had us do a little test in the office to check on his eyes.  The digital reading came back similar to what they had seen at 2, so she recommended that we meet with a specialist again.

I did a little more research and ended up taking Graham to an amazing pediatric optomologist a few weeks ago.  He recommended glasses and in three months we'll go back and see if we'll need to do patching (preparing us that this is likely)....a whole other story and thing to deal with, but one thing at a time for now.

For today, we'll celebrate Graham's new specs.

He's actually already adjusting really well.  He's not quite sure he wants to wear them to school, but we have a few days to get over that and get used to it all.  I think he's just enjoying seeing everything a little bit differently.  =)
and dang......he's cute.