Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Next stop: The Hart House

My parents left for Puerto Rico halfway through our trip, and we headed south to our next stop 
(2 of 7 from our crazy trip).
Because we only get back once a year if we're lucky, we always try to fit as much as we can in but the process leaves us a little nutty.

The kids were so excited to see their cousins though and we're already looking forward to our trip with the entire family to Colorado later this summer.

Game night was a huge hit and I think my three year old inherited my competitive gene.
He's a Zingo maniac, and gave his older cousin Eloise (8) a run for her money.

I didn't get that many pictures of this leg of the trip but we stayed busy with trips to Target, walks to school, game time and plenty of playtime.  It was great.
The kids loved just swinging outside.

This pic captures Graham's newfound love for Rescue Bots.
Anything that might kick Thomas to the curb is welcome.

Thank you Mary Anderle for this little tip.  In a matter of weeks, the kid is obsessed!

Addison and Iris had such a great time and we got to celebrate their birthdays together too. (Birthday celebration #3 in case you're counting.  They are 2 weeks apart in age and sweet little buddies. 
I love seeing Addison get some good girl time, but Graham feels a little third wheel at times (thank goodness for Rescue Bots).

We drove to Pearland to visit Grandma Mary (Andy's grandma) and Curtis.

I loved watching Curtis and Graham interact.  They became quick buds.  
 Makes my heart happy to see this.

My instagram 365 is going great.....I can't believe in 106 days I haven't missed one....but almost, which is why I snapped this one while at the Harts.

Storytime with Aunt Sarah
 And Graham had a thrill of walking Henry to go pick up the kids to school.
"Mom, when can we get a nice dog like this one?"
Aw buddy, just enjoy the moment (because that's not happening for a while!)


Rub a dub dub

A highlight of Nana's house is her tub.
Bathtime is an event rather than a chore.

I still let Andy do the dirty work and just documented.


Easter in Houston

The day before we left for Houston we got to join some friends in a little egg hunt....this makes it look like it was at the beach, but that would be crazy....or really cool....I can't decide.

It was really fun to get to spend Easter in Houston....we hadn't been back home for Christmas or Easter since we moved, so it was a real treat.
Started off the day making resurrection rolls with Nana before heading to church at TWUMC.....which I miss like crazy.  Seriously, besides friends or family, I miss our church the most....even over Tex-Mex.

We tried to get a quick family pic before church but this is the best we got....at least we were all in it.

After church we had a traditional Easter brunch of Lupe Tortilla beef fajitas and queso....
traditional or not, it was delicious.
Addison thought the "yummy cheese stuff was amazing"....poor queso deprived girl.

After lunch the kids were so excited to see that the Easter bunny had come while they had been gone.
The Easter bunny was a little too generous with the sugar portions this year....probably because he knew we were at Nana's house.


Monday, April 15, 2013

Build a Bear

As I mentioned in my last post, this whole birthday thing was way overplayed for a certain 5 year old.
That's what happens when you go to see Grandparents anytime during her birthday month.  Actually, if we're getting technical...this was still March.

Nana decided that she wanted to take the kids to Build a Bear for Addison's birthday present.  Have you ever been in there?  Am I the only parent that had steered my kids clear of this store as long as I could muster?  AND....why didn't I think of this genius way to extract way too much money from parents in exchange for a "forever friend" that their little one will feel she made all herself with the birth certificate to prove it??

So....we started with a much less attractive animal that we thankfully steered her clear of, but she ended up with a princess bear that Disney had put their name on.

Graham decided he was totally happy with a "small fry" frog.  Boys are so much cheaper.
He was done in 2 minutes. 

Addison wondered over to the wardrobe wall....holy cow.  Some of those clothes cost more than mine. Andy just rolled his eyes....ignore him.

 She finally picked out a Cinderella outfit that was perfect for "Zaddison"....that's what she named Princess Bear. 

Happy just to be in the mix...

I tried to show her how cool Aggie build a bear paraphernalia was but she wasn't buying it.

The whole process started......"rub your nose so she "knows" you love her.......  Really?

Bath time......

Comparing their goods.....I'm sure she was giving Graham a lesson in "greater than, less than"....we at a huge stage of comparison lately.
Meanwhile, Nana is in the background trying to explain to Poppy how 2 stuffed animals cost $75.

I can tell you this though.....they both loved it and had an amazing time.....so well done Nana & Poppy!

Thank you for giving them this experience.....they absolutely loved it and now I don't have to.
Unfortunately, it's now harder to just walk past this store.....nothing to see over there!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Houston: Nana & Poppy's house

Well, lookie here, the blog's not dead!
In fact, it's on its way back because we've had a busy few weeks, and there is a lot for my two readers still out there to catch up on.
More importantly, since the blog will one day become our only photo album, I've been feeling extreme guilt to document.  

We went to Houston for a 10 day visit, which may seem like a long time but when you're going between 7 houses and trying to see as many people as possible....it flew by and left us all a little exhausted, but our hearts were full.

And so was our luggage.

We took 13 bags.
 No, I'm not lying.
This does account for car seats, golf clubs, backpacks, purses, etc....but 13 bags!!!!  
I wish I could say I overpacked, but I'm too prideful to admit it.

The first stop on the Texas tour was Nana's house, after a quick stop to Rudy's BarBQ on the way....second to friends and family, we were way excited to reunite with Texas food.

The kids kept busy at Nana's by feeding the ducks...

laying out....


playing at the park

wrestling with daddy

watching movies on the IPAD.
  I love you IPAD.

and celebrating Addison's birthday.

 This would be #1 of 8 or so celebrations Addison managed to squeeze out of people this year.  
Next year if we stay in California for her birthday, girl is bound to be disappointed.

I started to hear the phrase...."beacause I'm the birthday girl on this day (over 2 weeks ago), and just finally cut her off from saying it any longer at her party (which was yesterday).

I encouraged this celebration at Nana's house however because it allowed for RJ Goodies birthday cake.  That was a reason to celebrate in itself.
 I love this picture.....this is the epitome of her for the last month.

It was nice to get away from home for a while and just relax.....and spend more time snuggling.

Graham may be the most affectionate person I have ever met.  
True story: he wakes me every morning between 4:30 and 6:00 by coming in my room and giving me a kiss (or asking for a high five) and then goes back to bed.  I almost don't mind being woken up for that....almost.

One night we just hung out in their backyard, and watched the sunset and got some pictures in.
I love these pictures of my parents because they were just being silly.....grandkids have that affect on them.

 Did I mention this was an impromptu thing?  Please don't mind the no make up...

 We even got a picture of the 4 of us in.....I don't think this has happened in almost a year!

 Andy tried to work on his tan.....
keeping working Love.

  This was right before Andy tested Graham's swim survival skills.
The kids kept splashing and Andy was threatening to throw them in (while praying that they would keep splashing) so he could follow through. 

 and follow through he did.
Turns out Graham can swim.

much more to come.....