Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Easter in Houston

The day before we left for Houston we got to join some friends in a little egg hunt....this makes it look like it was at the beach, but that would be crazy....or really cool....I can't decide.

It was really fun to get to spend Easter in Houston....we hadn't been back home for Christmas or Easter since we moved, so it was a real treat.
Started off the day making resurrection rolls with Nana before heading to church at TWUMC.....which I miss like crazy.  Seriously, besides friends or family, I miss our church the most....even over Tex-Mex.

We tried to get a quick family pic before church but this is the best we got....at least we were all in it.

After church we had a traditional Easter brunch of Lupe Tortilla beef fajitas and queso....
traditional or not, it was delicious.
Addison thought the "yummy cheese stuff was amazing"....poor queso deprived girl.

After lunch the kids were so excited to see that the Easter bunny had come while they had been gone.
The Easter bunny was a little too generous with the sugar portions this year....probably because he knew we were at Nana's house.


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