Monday, April 15, 2013

Build a Bear

As I mentioned in my last post, this whole birthday thing was way overplayed for a certain 5 year old.
That's what happens when you go to see Grandparents anytime during her birthday month.  Actually, if we're getting technical...this was still March.

Nana decided that she wanted to take the kids to Build a Bear for Addison's birthday present.  Have you ever been in there?  Am I the only parent that had steered my kids clear of this store as long as I could muster?  AND....why didn't I think of this genius way to extract way too much money from parents in exchange for a "forever friend" that their little one will feel she made all herself with the birth certificate to prove it??

So....we started with a much less attractive animal that we thankfully steered her clear of, but she ended up with a princess bear that Disney had put their name on.

Graham decided he was totally happy with a "small fry" frog.  Boys are so much cheaper.
He was done in 2 minutes. 

Addison wondered over to the wardrobe wall....holy cow.  Some of those clothes cost more than mine. Andy just rolled his eyes....ignore him.

 She finally picked out a Cinderella outfit that was perfect for "Zaddison"....that's what she named Princess Bear. 

Happy just to be in the mix...

I tried to show her how cool Aggie build a bear paraphernalia was but she wasn't buying it.

The whole process started......"rub your nose so she "knows" you love her.......  Really?

Bath time......

Comparing their goods.....I'm sure she was giving Graham a lesson in "greater than, less than"....we at a huge stage of comparison lately.
Meanwhile, Nana is in the background trying to explain to Poppy how 2 stuffed animals cost $75.

I can tell you this though.....they both loved it and had an amazing well done Nana & Poppy!

Thank you for giving them this experience.....they absolutely loved it and now I don't have to.
Unfortunately, it's now harder to just walk past this store.....nothing to see over there!

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the deKorne family said...

Love seeing these pictures!!! Your kiddos are so beautiful and so much fun to see your gorgeous parents!!!!! They look so wonderful. Glad you got to getaway!!!