Monday, August 31, 2009

Last Days of Summer

August may be all but over. The pools may be closed. But when you live in Houston, summer sticks around longer than the calendar says it should. So why not take advantage?

The Harts (Addison's cousins) came and stayed with us last night, so Aunt Sarah, Eloise, Owen, and Iris got to come to the fountains with us today. It was a lot of fun, and it was almost...dare to say..... pleasant outside!

Love it

I could eat her up!

Sweet tired thing...having so much fun wears us out.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

La da da da, la da da da.....


There is pure elation on Addison's face every time she hears this song....I caught a few blurry pics this morning as I tried to grab my camera to get her reaction to the TV. In the last one she is practically dancing.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Family Weekend

Oh we were so excited for Andy to come back in town on Friday! He had been gone for almost a week and a half between a trip with his dad and brother and a work one as well.

We decided to celebrate everything finally being done with the house by getting OUT of the house and doing a lot of fun stuff around town. House & move stuff has been going on since the end of April, so this was the first weekend in almost FOUR months that we could just enjoy!

We drove into town Friday afternoon and took Addison to the Childrens' Museum. She spent most of her time at the "tot spot" and loved just exploring. If we lived closer, I know we'd be there every week. It was great.

Spent most of her time in a car of some kind

Then...although I don't have any pictures....

We went to Collinas to pick up some of our favorite pizza and went to visit our good friends Sawyer & Lauren and got to hang out with Brayden and their newest little beauty, Laney. Shoot, I'm so mad I don't have pics!

Saturday morning we got to go eat breakfast at Empire Cafe....oh it's all about the food whenever we actually go into town. Food and shopping....

Because after breakfast we went to Rice Village and poked around some cute baby stores. I sucked it up and bought two maternity shirts (I was trying my darndest not to actually buy maternity stuff this time around), and we found our double stroller at the Right Start that just opened up again. Why did this place have to disappear up here? I miss it so much!

So here is the double that we decided on.... It's a Baby Jogger City Mini and I love how light and narrow it is for a tandem. You can also put the little one in it as soon as they can hold their head up at 2 months, so you don't have to cart the car seat around. Love that!

Saturday afternoon, it was off to the pool. Andy had never been to Creekside, so we introduced him. He disappeared for about 10 minutes to the water slide, so I think he liked it as much as the other 10 year old kids around him.

Little fish
the water!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tiny "Dancer"

Addison started this little "Mommy & Me" dance class this week. I think mommy was doing most of the work. I was absolutely zonked after 30 minutes. There wasn't much dancing, but there was music, which is pretty much all Addison cares about anyways....that and maracas...oh and she got a balloon & sticker when she left, so she was good to go.

It was an excuse to play "dress up" with her though....I wasn't the only mom.

I couldn't take pictures at the class, but I did get a few right before we left.

She still kind of has that "drunken sailor" walk and I LOVE it.
Tiny dancer playing with rocks...
enough already
On a side note...I walked into the playroom the other day and found her on TOP of the play table. It's her new thing....climbing on everything. The only problem is she can't get down.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Big Sister in Training

I have been a little worried about how Addison is going to adjust to having a little brother. It brought me a little comfort and warmed my heart to get these pics this morning. She has been loving playing with her "baby". The only problem is when she gets tired of her, she throws her out of the stroller or hands her to the dog. Might have to work out the kinks....

Giving kisses
"Rock, rock"

Taking her for a walk
Forget the baby, bring on the diva....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Childrens' Museum

Today we got out of the house to give our painters some room (they are almost finished...only one more day!!) Whoohoo!

We met Georgia and Macie at the Woodlands Childrens' Museum. Where have I been? This place is great! She was loving going from one place to another. There were all these cute little areas to play in. Addison was most interested in the trains, blocks, and dinosaur/truck area. I may have a little tomboy on my hands!

She loves food...real food/fake food...doesn't matter
And stealing food...
This poor guy was not too happy that this little girl was all up in his trains

Then back to the trains...

Adorable Macie who is about to welcome a little sister, Lexi!
Dirt is so much fun.....
I would have taken a picture of her trying to "eat" the dirt, but the other moms were already giving me weird looks as it was....
Loved the hat

This cracked me up..
I turned around and she is right in between these three older kids just watching whatever they were doing and loving being a part of it.