Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tiny "Dancer"

Addison started this little "Mommy & Me" dance class this week. I think mommy was doing most of the work. I was absolutely zonked after 30 minutes. There wasn't much dancing, but there was music, which is pretty much all Addison cares about anyways....that and maracas...oh and she got a balloon & sticker when she left, so she was good to go.

It was an excuse to play "dress up" with her though....I wasn't the only mom.

I couldn't take pictures at the class, but I did get a few right before we left.

She still kind of has that "drunken sailor" walk and I LOVE it.
Tiny dancer playing with rocks...
enough already
On a side note...I walked into the playroom the other day and found her on TOP of the play table. It's her new thing....climbing on everything. The only problem is she can't get down.