Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Childrens' Museum

Today we got out of the house to give our painters some room (they are almost finished...only one more day!!) Whoohoo!

We met Georgia and Macie at the Woodlands Childrens' Museum. Where have I been? This place is great! She was loving going from one place to another. There were all these cute little areas to play in. Addison was most interested in the trains, blocks, and dinosaur/truck area. I may have a little tomboy on my hands!

She loves food...real food/fake food...doesn't matter
And stealing food...
This poor guy was not too happy that this little girl was all up in his trains

Then back to the trains...

Adorable Macie who is about to welcome a little sister, Lexi!
Dirt is so much fun.....
I would have taken a picture of her trying to "eat" the dirt, but the other moms were already giving me weird looks as it was....
Loved the hat

This cracked me up..
I turned around and she is right in between these three older kids just watching whatever they were doing and loving being a part of it.

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Katie said...

Love that museum. I need to take Lucy! She's been, but not as an able-bodied mover and shaker. Thomas loved it so much that he had his 4th birthday there. Fun times.