Tuesday, August 24, 2010

When will I ever learn...

Oh when...
Oh when....
will I ever learn...
to shut the bathroom door?
and because most of the antics have been by his sister lately, here is my latest G fix. As his sister would say, "I see you cutie pie...."


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Grease Monkey

So Andy and I were in the middle of going over our inspection report from California (fun times, let me tell you), and I heard some suspicious noises coming from Addison's room.

***Let me insert and tell you that she is no longer in the crib, since she a few too many times escaped, and now "roams free" from the toddler bed. It's totally routine for us to put her down at 7pm and her not give in to sleep until well after we've gone to bed at 11ish.

So I digress, something was going on in her room. I opened the door and found her standing IN one of her drawers with a tub of open Vaseline that had made the rounds already in her room. I called for reinforcements.....and got my camera.

This was after the first bath. I say first because you know that whole "water resistant" purpose of Vaseline in the first place....brought me back to my camp counselor days of '99 when I got creamed for a skit with Vaseline and we had to sneak off the property to go get beer (to get the Vaseline out of course)...

I digress..
Here is my freakishly clean husband, who I love dearly, who spent about an hour trying to remove every ounce of petroleum jelly off of every item in her room.
When I took out the camera to document, Addison proceeded to yell, "Say Cheese!!" to her phone (camera phone? I have no idea where she gets this since my POS phone doesn't even have a working camera)
But cracked us up none the less
And then she proceeded to say, "You're a silly goose." I could have thought of a few other things to say, but sure, we'll go with "You're a silly goose, Addison."
So I googled "getting vaseline out of hair" since I thought I'd use the idea of a bath of beer as a last resort.....not that I'm against using it if I had to, but that's a lot of beer to waste, you know?

Google offered this advice.
And you know what?
I don't know that it worked.
but it sure made us laugh.

We love our little grease monkey!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Househunting we will go...

To say things have been hectic lately would be a huge understatement.
I mean, I haven't even blogged in two weeks....or read my People magazine that came in the mail last Friday. That's how you know things have been really busy.

We got back from San Diego a couple of days ago and had a productive househunting trip....meaning, we got a house!

We wouldn't have been able to do it without the help of Sam and Sheila, who Addison stayed with and our trusty babysitter, who will still remain nameless for the time being.

Graham was excited to have the full attention of three adults.

and spent much quality time with said babysitter.
This is taken from La Jolla cove, about a 10 minute drive from Andy's office.
Much like the view close by his downtown office now.
So onto the exciting stuff!!

We spent last Thursday driving different areas of about 30 homes on our list to get a feel. It was amazing how a house could look perfect online, and then you would drive the area and see cars on cinderblocks, overgrown yards, etc. ....and this is for a house that was already almost three times what our house costs in Houston....absolutely mind blowing.

On Friday and Saturday, we had narrowed down the list to about 15. We went and walked through the houses and although many of them were nice, there were lots that needed a LOT of work, or were on a busy road, or had no backyard, etc.....we were getting a little depressed.

Until....we saw this one. It's located in La Costa/Carlsbad, just north of San Diego and about 25 minutes from Andy's office.

We knew as soon as we stepped in the door, that this was our house. Well, I knew and proceeded to cheer, and comment, "Oh, we're so done." Andy and our realtor were trying to keep me in check, but it was hard to do.

Househunters would have had to do a lot of editing because there would have been only one obvious house. Our choices would have been.

House #1: Short sale, takes forever to close, 80,000 in work needed.

House #2: on busy road, no yard, and no light.

House #3: dream house, backyard of paradise, designer showcase, great area & schools...

Um, yeah, they're so going to pick house #3.


We put an offer in on Sunday and went back and forth a little bit before finally coming to an agreement before our flight left on Monday!

Here is our new home.....warning...picture overload....but lots of you have been asking.
fountains are everywhere....you always hear the sound of running water.
love the cafe lighting in the backyard
fresh flowers are everywhere
this covered area is off of the kitchen and room that will be used as a playroom.
built in seating is everwhere....you know for all of the friends that we have out there that will be hanging out with us......
or just Andy, I and the kids and the many HOUSTON friends that have to come visit!!!!
that's a rock waterfall leading to the Koi pond. yeah, we have pet fish that we have no idea how to take care of. The only work that we will have to do is have a consultant come out to safety proof the pond and spa for kiddos. Must have. Don't worry mom, we got it covered.
We are wanting to get a fire pit for this area.

looking up the hill from the backyard.
space heater might be needed seeing as how it was in the 50's at night in August.

Come on in!
Here is my view while washing dishes...
Looking from family room into area that will be used as a dining room (middle), and then the far room will be a playroom off the kitchen.
looking down the stairs from upstairs. I love the way it's finished
fireplace in family room and another is in the playroom. Again, love the finishing. This girl knew what she was doing. That's why I took a picture overload to get ideas.
measuring from what will be the dining room, looking into family room.
breakfast bar off the kitchen.
I love, love, love the cabinets.

This is our attic. Not a lot of storage.....will be a SLIGHT adjustment....but an excuse to get rid of a lot of junk.

Oh, did I mention that there is NO AIR CONDITIONING?
Because apparently, you don't need it. Everyone just opens their windows. Can't even wrap my head around that coming from Houston.

Love her ideas....we are keeping the shelves....Andy was excited to not have to hang some himself.
View from master bedroom.
Master bath.
Will be Graham's room, but being used as a study right now. There is also a guest room downstairs for all of our visitors, because you're going to come visit, right???
Will be Addison's room.
Kid bath....yeah, it's a little too nice. Don't know how my frog and flower decor is going to go in here.
looking down the hall from master, kids rooms are on either side of that bookshelf.
looking from the "playroom" into kitchen

love this idea she had of a cork board made of wine corks.

coming out the front door and looking down the street.
once we put the offer in, we drove up to Laguna for the day because it's one of my favorite places ever...
so beautiful.

Crazy we're going to be living not far from here.