Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat 2013

We went the super hero route this year with Captain America and Super Girl.
Instead of staying in our neighborhood where there is an average of 3.5 trick or treaters, we went to the Huffmans' neighborhood, which was so much fun...complete with parade and potluck in the street.  Obligatory pictures before heading out....

Before I left town last weekend, I told Andy the kids wanted to decorate pumpkins and left him with some stencils I got on clearance at Target last year (hee, hee).
Well, he totally showed me up and has pumpkin carving job security for life.

Wonder Woman
Graham cracks me up in this picture....launching into full character, I guess.

Sweet friends, Graham and "Addi".

Daniel, Addi, and Graham


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

5 1/2

Today, after coming in my room and telling me, "Mom, I just had to get fancy"...she stopped and said. "WAIT!".  "What day is it?"

I laughed when I realized it was October 9th, because she's been talking about this day for a while.
Oct. 9 is her half birthday which means this girl is officially 5 1/2!  It's a big deal in the five year old world in case you weren't aware.

Kindergarten better watch out tomorrow because little Miss will be more than willing to announce to her new status to anyone who comes within earshot.


Saturday, October 5, 2013

4th of July

This is the post where I say nothing because honestly, this was so long ago I barely remember what we did.  But here are a few pictures to document we did acknowledge the holiday.


Breck: The Bear

So I need to finish up on our Breckenridge trip...two months later.  Just get excited because my next blog post will be 4th of July.  One way or another this blog is not dying people!  

I saved the best for last.  We went on a white water rafting trip without the kids while in Colorado.  Addison will be old enough to go next year and I think she's going to love it.  

We geared up and had our safety orientation.

Aren't we stylin?

Group photo before we pushed off.  Can you tell Eloise is excited?  I love this pic.

Right before we went to Colorado, I got a Lifeproof case for my phone so I could take it on the trip and not worry about it getting wet.  I loved that I was able to get pictures while on the river.

 On our boat we had, Matt & Mindy, Mark & Crystal, and Andy and I

This was right after I told him he didn't look cool giving me the thumbs up sign....because he totally looks cool now in this pic.  =)  Love the helmet look.

Our guide was awesome and took plenty of pics for us as well.  

 To get to the raft trip we had to take a very scenic albeit a bit scary route through The Continental Divide.

 Back home we WINEded down.

But before wine time, there was BEAR.
When we drove up in the driveway, Andy hopped out of the van and ahead of us and seconds later I hear, "Melissa!!!!  Grab your camera, there is a BEAR!!!"

I really didn't believe him because even though he was yelling this at me, he really didn't sound that I would be if I saw a bear.  So I didn't really hurry.

By the time I got to the top of the stairs he was in the house running to the back, saying it had run away and he was going to find it.....
yes, you read that right.  He was going on a bear hunt.  
This would not have been my reaction bytheway.

By the time he located it, it was back in the woods but I was able to see it before I could grab my phone and try to document and it was SO much bigger than it looks in this picture.

 So it came back se we could get a better look....on our neighbor's porch.

This is authentic Colorado folks.  We came for the entire experience.

After all the excitement and WINEdown, we were ready for a low key last day.
We rode the chair lift up the mountain with the kids and then the next day headed to the airport.

We loved our trip so much that we're going again next summer.  Hopefully this will be the beginning of a Parsons family tradition.