Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat 2013

We went the super hero route this year with Captain America and Super Girl.
Instead of staying in our neighborhood where there is an average of 3.5 trick or treaters, we went to the Huffmans' neighborhood, which was so much fun...complete with parade and potluck in the street.  Obligatory pictures before heading out....

Before I left town last weekend, I told Andy the kids wanted to decorate pumpkins and left him with some stencils I got on clearance at Target last year (hee, hee).
Well, he totally showed me up and has pumpkin carving job security for life.

Wonder Woman
Graham cracks me up in this picture....launching into full character, I guess.

Sweet friends, Graham and "Addi".

Daniel, Addi, and Graham


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