Sunday, June 29, 2014

June in a nutshell

For all two readers of this's a little bit of what's been going on in June.
Also, I have to document so that when I finally get around to catching up on my blog books (currently I'm only three years behind), I'll have something to put in them.

June started off with a family photo session.
I was so nervous about doing it again since the kids were such little pills for our last one 2 years ago, that Andy and I decided to take the edge off with a glass of wine right before.

A bottle later, we had an amazing session.
We had to document our coastal living while we still can.  In another month, we'll just be posers.

In other happenings, Graham graduated Pre-K.
Lucky for me, he's not quite old enough for Kindergarten, so he'll do another year in Texas this fall.

These three little amigos are not going to know what to do without each other next year.
They are all going to different schools and they have been inseparable for the last two years.
Ok, I'm not going to talk about it anymore....

Graham had Ms. Debbie this year just like Addison did.
Such a sweet teacher to my kiddos.  We are really going to miss this pre-school.

Addison had such a great Daisy troop and leaders this year.
I'm so bummed that she won't get to continue on with them...we hoping to get her into another troop once we get settled in The Woodlands.

There has been a lot of pool time.
Basically none of us are going to ever be this tan again.  Ever.

And if you're still reading, here is a little story for you.
A couple of weeks ago I decided to let the kids scooter/bike on the street.
And also start happy was Friday afternoon after all.

Well, I put out one of those little flag men guys you find at Costco that reminds your neighbors to drive a little slower because there could be little cuties around.
I was talking to my next door neighbor when a car comes by and a lady starts yelling at me and throwing her hands up in the air telling me that it's not her job to watch out for my kids...she's already raised her own.  The speed limit in this neighborhood is 25mph and she'll drive that fast if she feels like it.....and then she pulls into the house across the street.
This is only the 3rd time in 4 years I've ever seen this lady.
So ready for Texas community again!

We've had birthday parties and summer camps keeping the kiddos busy.
The first day I picked up Graham from Master your Sport camp, he looked like this.
I knew it was going to be a good week.

Andy and I have snuck in date time when we can, and spent as much time as we can at La Costa.
Looking at the calendar just makes me a little sad at this point.

The other day I thought it was pretty warm out.
It was 73 according to my car.
What the HELL am I going to do in Texas summer?

Look longingly at my Carlsbad weather app way too many times, I'm sure.

We've been at the beach more the last 3 months than we have in the first 3 years we lived here.

Addison finally finished Kindergarten last week.  June 20.
That's way too far into June.  We had already kicked off summer, so we're just glad she can now finally join us.  =)

 Last Day pic.

First day pic...sniff, sniff...they are getting so big.

One of Addison's closest friends, Rachel, from her Kindergarten class.

And then I really should have an entire post for this dance recital because I have so many pictures, but I'm being lazy so we'll just tag them on here.

Addison had so much fun this weekend doing her "Footloose" dance.
Why does she look like she's 12?

I mean really, they're pretty cute.

And tomorrow, we close on this....our new house.

This will be Andy's and my 4th house.
Four houses in nine years.
I don't want to jinx ourselves, but I'm really hoping we get to enjoy this one for a LONG time.
I found this house back in October when I went to Texas to see friends.
I was so bummed at the time because I knew we had no plans of moving back to Texas anytime soon....surely not soon enough to even consider buying that house.
It was such great house, I knew that we would compare every house after that to this really had everything we were looking for.
I went home and showed Andy and he agreed....on all points.

Then the house just went off the market.
I thought it had sold, but it never showed up as sold in the MLS.
Then one night in late March, while checking the Houston MLS, which I stalk, I saw that it was on the market again.....and we were going to visit in two weeks.
Long story short....things just started falling in place where we thought this actually might be a real possibility that this could be our house.
I was always cautiously optimistic about it....not wanting to get my hopes up too much.
Even after we had a contract on it.......
But tomorrow is the day.
We finally close and it will be officially ours.
And thank goodness it has air conditioning.