Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Oh December

 Our Sunday school class (the one Andy and I have been a part of since before we got married),
had a kids Christmas party.
I love how even after being gone four years, we (and our kids) can fall back in.

Three of us in this family have discovered the joy of Target footie pajamas.
Go get some.
You will not be sorry.

Graham loves talking to Neo, the elf.
I think he he was apologizing for accidentally touching him while he was stealing candy from the artistic "creation" Neo had made.

Addison loved being a part of the church Christmas program and children's choir.
I love how at this age everyone thinks they sound like Idina Menzel.

 Typical morning iPad cuddle time.

or Mobigo by the tree, take your pic.

A bunch of first grade girls from Addison's school got together at our church to celebrate together.

Graham got hooked on puzzles again.

and last weekend we did our annual night driving around taking in Christmas lights....except this year we had to find a new area.
So we took them in town to River Oaks and drove around.....and tried to get them to stop running around people's yards (or plantations or whatever they are)...

I'm sure a few home security cameras have footage of us.

Isn't this amazing?????
No excuses Andy....throw some lights up next year.

We went ice skating as a family for the fist time.

Addison outlasted all of us by a long shot.
I thought it would be like riding a bike.....
It's only been twenty years, what's the big deal...
I'm OLD, that's what.

We took the kids up to take a tour of the food pantry and shop for and donate food.
It's so easy to take the little and the big things for granted.

And today my sister, Pipere, and her boyfriend got to come for a visit.
It's been way too long since we've seen them and my kids LOVED getting to hang out with her.
Hopefully we'll be getting to see them more now that we're closer.

Graham's birthday

Neo the elf always shows up the day before Graham's birthday....fitting seeing as how his big day is December 2.  

We started Dec. 2 off right with a nutritious breakfast.
It wasn't VG's but a close enough...kinda.

There is Black Friday, 
Cyber Monday, 
and Uh Oh Tuesday.
I have no idea what I bought, but I'm sure my UPS guy hates me now too.

On his birthday we went to celebrate Graham at Sky Zone and pretty much had the place to ourselves.
Andy and I felt very old but the guy was still whipping out back flips and such....I just settled for butt bounces with Graham.

 Chuck E Cheese happened that Friday with his friends and it was the easiest party ever...
and such a hit.  I remember I had birthdays at Chuck E Cheese....crazy it's still so popular.



Graham had a cute little five loaves feast at his pre-school to celebrate Thanksgiving.
I'm so glad we found this school back in April when I thought we might be moving. 
He loves it and actually cried the other day when I picked him up and told him he was on vacation for two weeks off of school!

 We have started getting in all that furniture we ordered...
One of my favorite pieces just may be this light fixture.

Trying our best to recreate the gallery wall we loved so much at our old house

My little area to relax in....it's pretty cozy

I tried my hand at making my first turkey this Thanksgiving!
I don't know why I've always been so intimidated about doing it...it wasn't all that hard, and we had so much fun getting to spend Thanksgiving with my parents for the first time in five years!

The clean up crew was swell.

They may have worked a little too hard.

And here is a little gem.
Our mailbox sits at the front of our house.
It's not like I have to walk down the street to check it.
But I may have forgotten to go there for like a week and a half....
so when I did finally, there was a little note in it that said to go ahead and make my way to the post office to pick up my mail.
My postal lady already hates me.


Back to Cali

Mid November I took a quick three day trip back to San Diego mainly for picture taking...
I got to catch up with five old families and take their fall pics, and although I loved it, it was such a whirlwind...I was exhausted!
I wish I had more time to spend with friends but I know there will be many trips back.

My first session Friday was at a park that I love this time of year....it shows San Diego really does have seasons!

I got to stay back at La Costa for a night and although it was wonderful...it just wasn't the same without my family with me!  It almost made me sad to be there by myself...so many great memories for the four of us!

This just made me laugh...good ol California.

My last session had me at Del Mar....such a great place to end with..

and the sunsets....oh man, I miss those!

Then it was finally time to catch up with my crew at one of our favorite places...

 Sara, Karen, Me, Annie, and Joy!
Love these girls

Early November

Andy and I finally made it to Atlanta to visit Andy's brother, Mark, and Crystal and meet our newest little nephew, Davis!
He is so cute, I can't stand it.

I mean, I want to squeeze him!!

It was so pretty ....I had no idea Atlanta gets fall like this.
Amazing color everywhere

 Sometime in November we met some of Graham's friends up at the fire station and had a sweet little tour...they loved it.

The weather dropped below 50 degrees and we declared it hot cocoa time in Texas.

Addison got her first Texas haircut.
This picture cracks me up....you can tell she is so not thrilled.