Monday, December 22, 2014

Lollipop girl

In October I pretty willingly turned over my Odyssey keys to Texas Auto Direct.
I have the most amazing husband ever.
He allowed me to get a new ride for myself (and our family of course) while he still drives our "classic" of a 4-Runner.
I shopped around, I test drove, and I finally found our new addition.
Andy made me promise to not allow the kids to eat or drink in the new ride and keep it in tip top shape.  
Of course!  

My kids knew the drill.....

"Mom, can I have this sucker?  Can I have this snack?  Can I take this in the car.....?"


Andy had to travel for work two days after we got our new ride.
I ended up having to take Graham in to the doctor where he received a sucker....which of course, he's not allowed to have in the car.

I told him he could hold it, but he better not open it until he got home.
Then we drove the five minutes home from the office while I talked to Andy catching up on the phone probably talking about house stuff, etc.

Graham started insistently saying my name...."Mom!"  "Mom!"
while I was on the phone which drives me CRAZY.
I ignored until I couldn't anymore...."What Graham?!"

I dropped it.

Dropped what?

The sucker.

Yeah. Yeah, we'll get it when we get home, I can't reach it now...blah, blah, blah..

No. I dropped it in there....pointing to the deck of card sized hole where the seat belt comes out of the wall of the car.....

O. M. G.

He dropped a freakin sucker inside the door cavity where I will never ever be able to see or reach it again and it shouldn't matter but it DOES!!!! and I will forever know it's in there and have to swear my kids to secrecy from their father that they never had a sucker in the car!!!!!


I tried for two hours no lie to get a hold of that sucker in no man's land, but there was no way I was ever going to find it.

I finally called the Cadillac dealership to ask their advice.
A very nice by slightly cynical salesman listened to my story....
"What do I do???", I whined to him....

"You go get a new sucker."

What?!! No.  I can't do it.
That will drive me crazy....

He responded....
"You'll only know it's in there when you come to an abrupt stop and it shifts or something..."

This was not ok.
Not ok for my type A personality nor my marriage because I could already see the lies that were going to come from this...

I asked him if he could take the door apart and get it out.

"Are you serious?"

Yes Rick.  I'm freaking serious.

Well I guess I can, but you're looking at a lot of work....

So you're saying it's possible!  Score!!  
I'll see you tomorrow.

After dropping the slippery handed youngster off at school, I drove to the dealership and waiting in Rick's office.
He came busting through the door...busy....and just stopped and looked at me....

"You lollypop girl?"

I flashed a really big sheepish smile and hoped Rick would make my day.

He did. Five minutes later, he delivered to me this sweet little thing.

And I had a new best friend.  I asked him for his Starbucks order and may have hugged him.
I gave Graham his lollipop back after school, and he may have been as relieved as I was poor guy.
He ate it at home.

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