Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Graham's birthday

Neo the elf always shows up the day before Graham's birthday....fitting seeing as how his big day is December 2.  

We started Dec. 2 off right with a nutritious breakfast.
It wasn't VG's but a close enough...kinda.

There is Black Friday, 
Cyber Monday, 
and Uh Oh Tuesday.
I have no idea what I bought, but I'm sure my UPS guy hates me now too.

On his birthday we went to celebrate Graham at Sky Zone and pretty much had the place to ourselves.
Andy and I felt very old but the guy was still whipping out back flips and such....I just settled for butt bounces with Graham.

 Chuck E Cheese happened that Friday with his friends and it was the easiest party ever...
and such a hit.  I remember I had birthdays at Chuck E Cheese....crazy it's still so popular.


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