Monday, December 22, 2014

September stuff

Settling in to the new house and new normal...
 we started having little projects done and trying to feel a little more put together...

I quickly discovered car line is for the birds and luckily Addison loves riding the, win.

Andy and Graham got to go on a last minute trip with Brian and Desmond to watch the Cowboys play in Stillwater....

so Addison and I enjoyed a total girl weekend

It was officially fall so we baked our favorite pumpkin muffins

both kids played RUSH soccer and really enjoyed it

another "new" office...the before was all dark paneled wood....I like the after much better.

Addison lost some teeth

and loved cooking in the kitchen

more soccer....

I started my photography business up again here in Houston and was so blessed by a very busy fall

Andy and I had an afternoon date looking for new furniture....that we just finally got in this week (three months later)

we cooled off at the splash park by our house

and ran off the crazy before bedtime on the golf course

Soccer with Poppy

it's good to be back in The Woodlands!

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