Monday, December 22, 2014

Family Photo session

We only attempt family photos about once every two years or so now.....and there is quite some build up to it.  I mean, I LOVE pictures....but I'll be honest, I don't always love taking them.  I get nervous that things aren't going to go "as planned"  and I tend to stress...way more than necessary.  And stress doesn't really photograph well, you know?
So this session I tried to practice what I preach when I take pictures of other families....
I tried my very best to relax and just have fun with my favorite just let things happen and go with it.
AND.  We opened a bottle of wine before Stacy showed up.
That may have been the ticket.
Andy and I both said it couldn't have gone better.
Keep in mind even though I'm finally blogging in December, this session took place at the beginning of JUNE so we are not being total posers pretending to live the California in two years, we might be....
Stacy wisely suggested that we start at the house and I'm so glad that we have pictures now to look back at ... in our own environment and then we changed and headed to the beach.
We didn't worry about sand or stress about anything and just had fun and the pictures showed that!  I'm so thankful that we had a chance to work with Stacy again...she is just so talented.  I love that she captured the authenticity of us at this time in our lives.


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