Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Trip to the Hospital

Well at 4am Sunday (while we're at the lakehouse outside of Grosbeck, population 200) I saw that Addison had a very unusual and scary diaper...won't go into details. I called the Dr.'s office and the dr. on call called me back about 4:30am. After going through some questions, he told me she needed to be seen tonight. If she wasn't screaming in pain, we could make it back to Houston. Thank goodness...as I wasn't thrilled with the idea of going to the local Grosbeck hospital.

We drove as quickly as we could back to the Woodlands and Addison slept the entire way. At Memorial Herman, we were taken into one of the ER rooms pretty quickly about 7am. They put poor Addison through what seemed like a gazillion procedures that were horrible for her to have to endure.....blood drawn, IV, X-rays, a catheter!!, and a barium enema. All of this took about 5 hours.

After the enema, it was determined that she had intussusception. They were able to correct the problem through the procedure, so I thought we were good to go. Well then the doc on call said they would probably want to keep us overnight for observation. Ok....

So he calls my pediatrician, and the Dr. on call decides that yes, they do want to keep her for observation...downtown. This is when I got a little freaked out. They had an ambulance team transport her down to Children's in the Medical Center.

After being told to "flush" her system with pedialyte, we were then told that she could not have ANY fluids for 24 hours so her intestines could rest. They hydrated her with fluids through an IV, but she didn't eat anything for 30 hours. I felt so bad for her!!! Think of a little baby that goes 4 hours without a bottle....you get the picture.

She was such a trooper though and we were discharged yesterday about 4pm. We're just supposed to keep an eye on her since children that develop this are more succeptable to it occuring again. She was so exhausted that she slept for 12 hours straight last night. We're all so glad to be home and so blessed and thankful to know that our little girl is ok.

Fun at the Lake

We had a great weekend with friends Mark, Jacqueline, Ashton, Casey, and Natalie and their lakehouse on Lake Limestone. Addison loved swimming and playing with her new friend Ashton (12 months). She had fun at least until 4am Sunday....see above post.

Beach babe

Swimming with Ashton
We loved the frog pool so much, we bought one
When we got home

Shade bathing

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Funny Faces!!!

Addison is starting to laugh, but it's rare to catch it on film. Her faces crack me up. It's crazy how much more aware she's gotten in the last few weeks. Aware that people aren't paying attention to her.....aware that she has been left in her crib past her liking....aware that the car has stopped at a red light....ok, so she doesn't know why we've stopped, but we've stopped and she's not happy about it. She likes to be moving all the time. We also found a new love yesterday....bubbles. She's facinated by them....and so is our dog Harley....he tries to jump and eat them....video to come.

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

She fell asleep in her Boppy right after her bottle this morning...it was so sweet. Didn't last for long though....as I'm typing this she's waking up. Nice to blog while it lasted.
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I love my cousins!

We drove almost two hours yesterday to see our Cousins in South Houston. Isn't it crazy how you can drive two hours and still be in the same city? Especially when it's rush hour...Anyways....Addison got to see plenty of relatives including Great Grandma, Great Aunt Karen, Great Uncle Rob, their son Scott, cousins Eloise, Owen and Iris and Aunt Sarah and Uncle Mike! Iris was born two weeks before Addison and it's so fun watching them grow together. Notice the bottom lip from both of them in the various pictures. They were cracking us up.

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Yes, I have a bowhead

So I'm in the process of looking for smaller bows...they can't be too smallish, but I realize that the big poofy, flower like bows are becoming a problem. Addison has put up with them like such a good sport, but she is starting to figure out how to take them off...kind of. This is what I saw in the rearview mirror the other day...poor baby.

Bowhead with Alicia at Sakekawa. Next to wine, the thing I missed most in my nine months of pregnancy was sushi.

What Have I Done?

I know you guys are tired of hearing about my mom and her Wii. But I have created an obsession. I honestly thought twice before buying her one....I mean what would some (omit age) woman want with a video game system? However this week I have received phone calls updating me on her skill level (364 on tennis)....seriously? This is the same woman who still doesn't know how to check messages on her cell phone.

And then she comes over yesterday and asks me if I have heard of this "Wii tracking" website. What? Oh yeah....she is searching for the next available Wii Fit at the local Game Stop. Well I take advantage of having Nana at my house to escape for 10 minutes to the dry cleaners...yes, that's considered an escape now. When I return, this is what I found. I'm sorry Addison. Put the remote down Grandma!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Funny comic that sums up my weekend

I borrowed this from another blog (thanks Katie!). It made me laugh because my computer shut down this weekend for over 24 hours and I didn't know what to do with myself. Hormones were in high gear and I even shed a few tearsto Andy about it being my "lifeline". He rolled his eyes and didn't get it. I was shopping for new computers before my neighbor came over, took out the battery, and showed me how it can run on AC power alone. So for now...we're good.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Nana!

We surprised grandma on Friday night when we showed up to celebrate her birthday dinner at Carrabas, but she was even more surprised when we got back to her house and she found her birthday present. I wasn't playing around about getting her a Wii. I looked around all last week and finally found one at Game Stop, and Andy and I set it up for her before dinner. She loved it! Funny story.....when I went inside Game Stop to buy it...I was slightly out of place with an infant in a stroller. I was waiting patiently in line hoping that I would get one of the last two available while the WAY overweight 15 year old in front of me discussed what costume he was wearing to the upcoming gamers convention this weekend with the cashier. After they determined what would be the "most awesome" costume to wear to Reliant, it was finally my turn to pay for the Wii and get out of there. I'm so out of touch (and just find with that)... It's like a whole different world of people, those gamers.
Dressed in her Sunday best! We decided after crying all through Sunday school today that next week will be Addison's first day in the church nursery.
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Friday, July 11, 2008

Girls can wear camo too!

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Almost got it!

Addison has been rolling over from her stomach to her back for a few weeks now, but yesterday she tried her best to roll from her back to her belly.....almost had it except for that pesky arm.
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Thursday, July 10, 2008


She's so vain! Addison is starting to not hate tummy time and even smiles at herself in the mirror.
We got together today with our friends Erica and Caroline. Caroline is 6 weeks older than Addison, but they are already interacting and holding hands...so cute.

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Parsons Look-alike Meter

I was surprised he got me by only 5%!

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I have been terrible about taking pictures lately. I'll get some more up soon. Poor Addison has her first cold...in July. I thought people only got these things in the winter. How can it even be called a COLD when it's 98 degrees outside?

So we went to the doctor yesterday...of course, there is not much they can do, but being the first time mom, I made the appt. The most exciting part was we got updated measurements. I know...the little things excite me. She was 12.3 pounds and 25 inches at 3 months. She had grown 3 inches in a month!! I thought she had gone through a little bit of a growth spurt, but jeez! She is now in the 95th% for length and and 50% for weight. Don't quite know where all this length is coming from with neither Andy nor I being giants.

I had signed up Addison for Kindermuzik that started today. I think part of me was just wanting to get into some kind of routine and get out to see other adults! The class was for 0-18 months, but when we walked in it became clear that little girl was the youngest by a year! We still had fun though and she stayed awake for the entire hour, only sticking out her bottom lip once. She was asleep before we hit the car however....little girl was worn out!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

12 Weeks!

I finally got some pictures of smiles from my girl. She is getting SO big so fast. Just last week I felt like she was swimming in her 0-3 month clothes and now those are packed away and she's filling out her 3-6 month outfits just fine. It's ridiculously fun to dress her up every day.
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