Friday, July 18, 2008

Yes, I have a bowhead

So I'm in the process of looking for smaller bows...they can't be too smallish, but I realize that the big poofy, flower like bows are becoming a problem. Addison has put up with them like such a good sport, but she is starting to figure out how to take them off...kind of. This is what I saw in the rearview mirror the other day...poor baby.

Bowhead with Alicia at Sakekawa. Next to wine, the thing I missed most in my nine months of pregnancy was sushi.


Ashley McWhorter said...

I just took them off of them when they were in the car seat. I LOVE the big bows. They will seem much smaller in the months to come. She needs to get use to them now, so when she is older, she won't even bother them. My girls, 2 & 4, totally ask for them before we leave the house. We NEVER leave home with out them!!! :)

Alicia & Greg said...

I think her bows are adorable and I loved getting to see you both again! I can't wait for our week of vacation together and my very first plane ride with a baby!

Lacey said...

My girls are bowheads as well. I love bowheads. They are baby girls- they are supposed to be. :0) And I have the bow sunglasses happen in the carseat as well. :0)