Friday, January 17, 2014

Tennis Ace

Andy and I have started getting back into tennis and are playing a couple of times a week.  I say getting back into because after playing tennis from the time I was four until high school (I was decent), I couldn't even hit a forehand for the life of me in college.
It was like a mental hand would start shaking even setting up for a drove me CRAZY.  12 years of tennis and I couldn't even keep the ball in the court.
So I refused to play with Andy.
Because I'm very mature and I don't like to lose.
Nor do I like to be caught throwing my racket.

When we joined La Costa last summer, I resolved to play tennis again.
I would seriously go out several times a week with the ball machine, and one day......I hit a forehand. In. And it wasn't a miss hit.

So Andy and I are now playing together again.
Although, something happened in those 10 years, and Andy got good.  And I still don't like to lose, but I no longer feel the need to throw my racket.  =)


Addison has been asking to start tennis lessons.  Mainly because this meant she got to get a pink racquet and new tennis shoes.  She was sold on the sport based on the equipment.
Two lessons in and she's hitting a backhand.  I think she likes it!


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hiking Torrey Pines

We had a free Saturday today, and nowadays, that rarely happens.  We hadn't been to Torrey Pines since a stroller was absolutely necessary, but today we decided to give a hike a go with the kids, and they did great!  It was beautiful, and the views were amazing.  We'll definitely be doing this again soon.

Art Soup

There is a really fun (and messy) place in Encinitas where my kids love going for drop in art.  I like that they can be messy and creative somewhere else.  

It's a win win....except when they make a craft that glitter exploded on and then want to take it home and you have to figure out how to get it into the house without your husband losing his mind and not crush their creative pride....except for that...

 Painting the car


New Years Resolutions

For documentation sake, here are my NY resolutions for 2014.

1. Take more pictures of our every day & resurrect the blog.
2. Yell less.....kind of like Addison's resolution below...."I will try to yell less."
3. Be a better friend....keep in touch better with old friends and make more time for girlfriends.....I love my family, but momma needs to get out more this year.

Here are the kids' resolutions for this year, along with some time capsule type documentation.

Favorite food: mac & cheese
Book: Alexander & the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day
Toy: Rainbow Loom
Thing to do with Family: go to Disneyland
Activity: soccer
color: Dark purple
Greatest lesson I learned: how to read
Hardest thing of the year: I was worried at gymnastics I was with the wrong teacher.
memory: doing rainbow loom


1. read better
2. try to stop saying bad words.


Favorite food: hot dog
Book: Pistol Pete & Planes
Thing to do with Family: having treats, snuggling and sitting on lap, Disneyland & Legoland
Activity: Legos
color: green
Greatest lesson I learned: do Legos & write my name
Hardest thing of the year: waiting for someone to help me with Legos
memory: Disneyland for my birthday


1. get better at Legos
2. football
3. coloring & writing

Friday, January 3, 2014

365 days of 2013

I set out in 2013 with a little photo project using my phone.
I wanted to take one picture of each of my kids EACH day for the entire year.....365.
The goal was to capture everyday moments without having to lug around the big camera.
I started off really well, but by April I was missing a few days, and by November....well, I got about half the month.
But for each kid I got about 300 pictures that I hope they will love looking back on.
I'm making a book using Artifact Uprising and even used the pictures to make wrapping paper this year for Christmas.

It was a fun project, and I love the result, but I'm happy to have the "to do" off my list each day.
This year, I'm looking forward to getting that big camera out to capture the every day.  I'm sure there will be plenty of pictures still on Instagram....I absolutely love it, but I'm hoping to bring back the 'ol blog and eventually get around to those photo books that my kids love looking at....the last one was 2010....I have some catching up to do.  =)



We have loved the pre-school that both Graham and Addison have attended.  It's got such great teachers and my kids have made some sweet friends.  Some of my closest friends were even made years ago in the registration line!

This year for their annual Christmas program, Graham was given the part of Joseph to play opposite one of his best friends, Addi (who on this day was better known as Mary).

They were so sweet to watch and loved getting some pics of Mary and Joseph being silly after the program.  They can't act holy all the time.