Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Years Resolutions

For documentation sake, here are my NY resolutions for 2014.

1. Take more pictures of our every day & resurrect the blog.
2. Yell less.....kind of like Addison's resolution below...."I will try to yell less."
3. Be a better friend....keep in touch better with old friends and make more time for girlfriends.....I love my family, but momma needs to get out more this year.

Here are the kids' resolutions for this year, along with some time capsule type documentation.

Favorite food: mac & cheese
Book: Alexander & the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day
Toy: Rainbow Loom
Thing to do with Family: go to Disneyland
Activity: soccer
color: Dark purple
Greatest lesson I learned: how to read
Hardest thing of the year: I was worried at gymnastics I was with the wrong teacher.
memory: doing rainbow loom


1. read better
2. try to stop saying bad words.


Favorite food: hot dog
Book: Pistol Pete & Planes
Thing to do with Family: having treats, snuggling and sitting on lap, Disneyland & Legoland
Activity: Legos
color: green
Greatest lesson I learned: do Legos & write my name
Hardest thing of the year: waiting for someone to help me with Legos
memory: Disneyland for my birthday


1. get better at Legos
2. football
3. coloring & writing

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