Friday, January 17, 2014

Tennis Ace

Andy and I have started getting back into tennis and are playing a couple of times a week.  I say getting back into because after playing tennis from the time I was four until high school (I was decent), I couldn't even hit a forehand for the life of me in college.
It was like a mental hand would start shaking even setting up for a drove me CRAZY.  12 years of tennis and I couldn't even keep the ball in the court.
So I refused to play with Andy.
Because I'm very mature and I don't like to lose.
Nor do I like to be caught throwing my racket.

When we joined La Costa last summer, I resolved to play tennis again.
I would seriously go out several times a week with the ball machine, and one day......I hit a forehand. In. And it wasn't a miss hit.

So Andy and I are now playing together again.
Although, something happened in those 10 years, and Andy got good.  And I still don't like to lose, but I no longer feel the need to throw my racket.  =)


Addison has been asking to start tennis lessons.  Mainly because this meant she got to get a pink racquet and new tennis shoes.  She was sold on the sport based on the equipment.
Two lessons in and she's hitting a backhand.  I think she likes it!


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Lacey said...

I'm not a tennis player but my hubby and kiddos are. Move back so we can all play!! ;0) And you can totally beat me and feel good about your back hand! ;0)

I'm sure tennis is even that much better playing in San Diego weather!!! Enjoy it!