Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dress Rehearsal Take 2

I am all about getting a deal.  So when I got the email from Snapfish this week giving me the coupon code FALL35 to take 35% off all orders (including Christmas cards!) I decided to get a jump on some of my Christmas shopping.  The catch is orders have to be placed by Oct. 31.  Act fast people.

Anyways, with my photographer that I normally use on maternity leave, I decided I had to take things into my own hands.  So with Erica's help we constructed a "holiday scene" with bench and poinsettias, put the Christmas dress on and went to work.  Now all we needed was a happy baby. Here's what I got.

I did manage to get one really cute one for the Christmas card, but you'll have to wait to receive yours to see it!

Monday, October 27, 2008

I love October!!

October weather is so great in Houston, and the last few days have been the best.  There is just enough of a chill in the air where it's almost ok to wear a jacket.  And you have to enjoy it while it lasts because it's back up to 80 the next day.  

So Addison and I went to the park the last few days to swing.  She's got mixed emotions about this.  Indifference mainly, but I did get a couple of smiles.  

And I'll take a smile whenever I can get it right now because she has been in quite a mood the last few days.  By the time Andy gets home at 7, I'm spent and then she of course puts on her best show for the few minutes she gets to see him before heading off to bed.  I'm thankful that he gets her cute, sweet personality since he really doesn't get to see her that much during the week....but at the same time, I feel like she's not showing her true colors of what I go through the other 12 hours of the day.  Oh well.....sorry to vent, it's just been one of those days.

This picture cracks me up.  It's like she's too cool for school...or the swing.

Is this supposed to be fun?

Finally, a smile!

And then this is what I dealt with for the next two hours.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dress Rehearsal

So today we went to the pumpkin patch to take some cute pictures.  I thought I'd get a few cute ones of my little girl SMILING with the pumpkins and then throw on her costume for a QUICK dress rehearsal for what's to come next Friday.  I wanted to take advantage of this Houston "cold front" and enjoy the 75 degree weather outside.  I think her costume was made for eskimos.  It has to be 45 degrees or cooler to be worn outside.  We will be praying for a true cold front come next Friday.  Apparently her mood from yesterday carried over today....

Here are some pics....

Only half smile I got all day after literally 100 pics...
notice the costume said, "Bee happy"...not so much

Most happy when naked....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

All by herself....

I better enjoy these last few days of immobility for Addison.  She is THIS close to crawling.  She does this thing where she gets up on her knees and arms and just rocks.....then face plants.

And, drumroll please.....she sat up by herself tonight unassisted for 3 whole minutes...and then side planted.  

Here are a few pics from the week.

She does this thing when she's eating where she fist pumps and then just leaves it up there for about 10 if to say, "Power to the people"
My new favorite thing this week.  The Baby safe feeder is the best invention.
BS Feeder + Frozen fruit from Sams = at least 20 minutes of entertainment
See?  I can sit. 

You may notice that there is not one smile in all of these pictures.  The girl has been in a mood all day.  It's pretty funny actually.  Yesterday everything was hilarious....laughing, in the mood.

Actually, funny story.  Last night Addison woke up around 10pm....unusual for her.  We could not figure out what was going on.  Hungry? No.  Diaper issues?  None.  So I decided to just rock her.  Addison has never been a cuddler.  She is not the kid who just snuggles with you, so I take any advantage to have a few sweet, quiet moments where she will just sit still in my arms.

I decided to sing to her.  Those of you that know me well know I cannot all.  I even turn off the baby monitor so Andy can't make fun of me.  But Addison always seems at least interested in my singing, if not calmed by it.  So I'm singing "Twinkle, twinkle...." and she is just staring up at me and I'm thinking, "Oh, we're having a moment..."

And then....she just starts cracking up laughing at me.  I stopped...kind of taken aback.  So I start in again, "twinkle, twinkle..."  and she is just laughing it up.  So apparently, Addison also thinks my singing voice is so bad, it's laughable.

Monday, October 20, 2008


We're back!  

The FW zoo was laid out so neat.  You always felt like you were in the habitat of the animals and there were lots of paths and hills to go up through the exhibits.
Random, I know...but have you ever seen a giraffe sitting?
Doesn't she look thrilled to see the elephants?

Our favorite!!  Look closely at the little cub to the right of the lioness....yes, I said lioness.

Again, so thrilled...
The picture doesn't do justice, the gorilla was HUGE!


What is Addison excited about??  Eating at Mi, watching mom and dad eat at Mi Cocina
Playing in the park in Ponca...that's Ponca City, OK for those of you not familiar with Andy's hometown.  Andy claims it's the 5th biggest city in Oklahoma....population 25,000.  I mentioned that the 5th biggest city in Texas is El Paso with over 500,000 just so he had a comparison. 

loving her feet, socks don't stay on too long..

cute in pink...and dressed for cold....we woke up and it was in the low 40's!!
Eating at Joe's in Stillwater

hanging out with Chris and Katie in Oklahoma City.
all worn out with Grandpa

Addison loves her Grandpa and Grandma!

I'm going to be in the car for how long??!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

6 Months!

We went in to the dr. today for Addison's 6 month checkup...and shots.  =(
She did great and after the "silent scream" cry for all 4 shots, she was a trooper.

Our little girl is growing up so fast.  Here were her 6 month stats...

Length: 28 (off the chart) Where is this height coming from?

Weight: 16 lbs 8 oz. (50-75%)

Trying to drink from a sippy cup...mostly just biting it.

So much fun.

Well, we are headed up to Oklahoma to see family and friends of daddy next week.  I will try to update with pictures of all of the OSU orange and black....I'm sure there will be plenty.