Monday, October 20, 2008


We're back!  

The FW zoo was laid out so neat.  You always felt like you were in the habitat of the animals and there were lots of paths and hills to go up through the exhibits.
Random, I know...but have you ever seen a giraffe sitting?
Doesn't she look thrilled to see the elephants?

Our favorite!!  Look closely at the little cub to the right of the lioness....yes, I said lioness.

Again, so thrilled...
The picture doesn't do justice, the gorilla was HUGE!


What is Addison excited about??  Eating at Mi, watching mom and dad eat at Mi Cocina
Playing in the park in Ponca...that's Ponca City, OK for those of you not familiar with Andy's hometown.  Andy claims it's the 5th biggest city in Oklahoma....population 25,000.  I mentioned that the 5th biggest city in Texas is El Paso with over 500,000 just so he had a comparison. 

loving her feet, socks don't stay on too long..

cute in pink...and dressed for cold....we woke up and it was in the low 40's!!
Eating at Joe's in Stillwater

hanging out with Chris and Katie in Oklahoma City.
all worn out with Grandpa

Addison loves her Grandpa and Grandma!

I'm going to be in the car for how long??!!!


Jenni said...

We missed you!

Katie said...

Love the last two pictures. And, the Fort Worth Zoo is our favorite, too!

(Don't forget 1. ~ The BCS ranking of the team your Cowboys are playing on Saturday...Sould be a good game. I'm nervous.)

Becky Todd said...

I am so glad you are back, but are glad you had a great time! Call me! :)

Alicia and Greg said...

It looked like you guys had a great time! Thanks for all of the fabulous pics. Dinner soon?