Wednesday, October 22, 2008

All by herself....

I better enjoy these last few days of immobility for Addison.  She is THIS close to crawling.  She does this thing where she gets up on her knees and arms and just rocks.....then face plants.

And, drumroll please.....she sat up by herself tonight unassisted for 3 whole minutes...and then side planted.  

Here are a few pics from the week.

She does this thing when she's eating where she fist pumps and then just leaves it up there for about 10 if to say, "Power to the people"
My new favorite thing this week.  The Baby safe feeder is the best invention.
BS Feeder + Frozen fruit from Sams = at least 20 minutes of entertainment
See?  I can sit. 

You may notice that there is not one smile in all of these pictures.  The girl has been in a mood all day.  It's pretty funny actually.  Yesterday everything was hilarious....laughing, in the mood.

Actually, funny story.  Last night Addison woke up around 10pm....unusual for her.  We could not figure out what was going on.  Hungry? No.  Diaper issues?  None.  So I decided to just rock her.  Addison has never been a cuddler.  She is not the kid who just snuggles with you, so I take any advantage to have a few sweet, quiet moments where she will just sit still in my arms.

I decided to sing to her.  Those of you that know me well know I cannot all.  I even turn off the baby monitor so Andy can't make fun of me.  But Addison always seems at least interested in my singing, if not calmed by it.  So I'm singing "Twinkle, twinkle...." and she is just staring up at me and I'm thinking, "Oh, we're having a moment..."

And then....she just starts cracking up laughing at me.  I stopped...kind of taken aback.  So I start in again, "twinkle, twinkle..."  and she is just laughing it up.  So apparently, Addison also thinks my singing voice is so bad, it's laughable.


sarah watson said...

So FUNNY and sadly, that's my story too, my girls don't laugh anymore they tell me to "PLEASE STOP"...

Lacey said...

I bet she is getting some teeth. Does she have any yet?? Hadley is an awful teether and gets moody. But then again..that's a girl for ya... I have TWO!!! She is beautiful by the way!!