Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving in Nashville

Well, we just got back this morning after taking the 7am flight out of Nashville.  Addison did great for waking up at 4:30 in the morning.  We were able to go visit Uncle Mark, Andy's brother, and Aunt Crystal who live out there and then Andy's parents met us out there as well.  It was so fun to be with family and the change of scenery was beautiful.  Too bad Shell does not have an office in seems like such a fun, beautiful place to live.

On the way to Tennessee....Addison does not sleep in your arms very easily, so desperate times call for desperate measures....
I think this lasted just under 4 minutes.
Keeping her happy with our bag of "tricks"

Fun with Grandpa

Addison had her first "real" meal on this trip.  I tried just feeding her straight from the table and she was loving it.  Andy mentioned later that her first real meal probably shouldn't have been Thanksgiving dinner, because it only goes downhill from there...
Grandpa knows how to make me laugh!
On Friday night we drove to the Grand Ole Opry Hotel and walked around.  This place is GIGANTIC.  They had it all decorated for the Holidays and it was beautiful.  There were three five story atriums that an indoor riverwalk, restaurants, waterfalls, and gardens galore.

Is this outfit not the cutest!??  I love it!!
This picture cracks me up.

An excuse to break out the winter coat!!
Thank you for letting us come visit you Uncle Mark and Aunt Crystal!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Week in Pictures

Those of you guys who know us well know how much we love putting Christmas up even before we've cooked the turkey.  I just think 4 weeks is not enough time to enjoy all of the lights, music, etc.  I did all of the inside decorations last week while Andy was out of town, and he put on his Lighting Engineer T-shirt and hung the lights outside the house yesterday.  Usually I don't let him turn them on until after Thanksgiving, but we are officially the first house on the block all lit up.

Then we decided to be a little over zealous and took Addison to the mall last night to see Santa.  After 40 pictures in front of the tree with Andy jumping around like a loon to get her to smile, we got one....

and the rest were something like this.......   
So then with our child in such an outstanding mood, we headed to the mall.Can you sense the excitement she is feeling?  So excited to see Santa!!!!
And so she didn't smile, but for the great deal of $18 for 1 5X7, I have proof that she wasn't freaked out by Santa.  

Addison and I are so happy to have Andy back in town.  He was gone all of last week to Calgary for work, and Addison wore me out.  Leave it to the week that he's gone for her to take off in crawling, pull up on everything, and show me how much we still had left to babyproof.  So with Andy back in town, I could have him do little things around the house and with her to help out.  Like installing cabinet locks, giving her a bath.....and feeding her a bottle......
It's been so nice today just hanging around the house and getting to play.
These pants are 6-12 month pants.  My child has freakishly long legs.
She will pull herself up on something and then just break out in the biggest proud of her accomplishment.  Then she loses her balance, falls, and clunks her poor head on something. It can't all be fun.

Since we had the tree up this morning and she kept on crawling over to it to grab the lights, I pulled her under the tree with me and we laid down and looked up the lights under the tree.  That was always my favorite thing to do as a kid with the Christmas tree.  She loved it....just kept looking at me and smiling.  It was a cute little moment.

I know the picture above didn't really come out well because of the flash, but I love it because she was so happy playing in her crib.  She saw me peeking through at her and came right over trying grab at the camera.  

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Too Fast

I know every parent says the same thing....."They grow up too fast."
A month ago, Addison wasn't even sitting up on her own.
Yesterday, I sat down to check my email while she played on the floor right next to me.
I hadn't even logged in, and I turned around and she's across the room trying to pull herself up on the TV stand. Maybe it's time to actually start babyproofing......

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just the girls...

Well it's a girls' weekend this weekend. Andy is off in Juarez with 100 men from the church, please keep them in your prayers, and Addison and I are enjoying some sweet time together. Although, last night for the very first time ever, Addison had a sleep over at Nana and Poppy's so I could hang out with my friend, Becky. It was so weird (and great) getting to sleep in until 8:20. When's the last time that happened? And then...I was able to go to the grocery store.......BY MYSELF. Huge.

I just wanted to share some sweet pictures of Addison and our sweet little neighbor, Julianne Chatigny. Notice how my 7 month old is almost as long as the 2 1/2 year old. Julianne lined all her little dolls up in a row, and put Addison right in the middle of them. Cute.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Welcome Baby Beckett!!

Two of our dearest friends, Sam and Sheila Cocke, just welcomed their new little beautiful baby boy, Beckett yesterday. We were so excited to meet him when we visited them in the hospital yesterday.

Beckett Walker Cocke
8 lbs, 10 oz 21 inches

New dad Sam is such a natural.

You always hear how fast they change and grow, but it was so crazy to us to see how much bigger Addison was than little Beckett. She looked like a little person next to him.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Monday

This weekend we went into town to meet Andy's family at Chuys to celebrate cousin Eloise's birthday. I was feeling guilty for eating like crap lately so I ordered off the "Lite Menu". Don't ever order off of the lite menu at Chuys. What was I thinking? A completely wasted opportunity to get the big as yo face burrito. Oh well.

Anyways, we saw Addison's three cousins including Iris, who is two weeks older than Addison. Andy's aunt had sent matching outfits for the girls so we took the opportunity to try to capture some pictures of girls together.

Poor Iris...this is how it went....starting off ok with Aunt Sarah and Iris...

wanting to reach out and say hi.....
deciding that biting her is a better way of showing her affection....
doesn't poor Iris look terrified????

Oh well....

Addison is lucky enough not to just have wonderful grandparents on both sides, but a wonderful Great-Grandma too! GG

GG Mary and Curtis
Addison has been moving around like crazy. She has discovered climbing and reaches and climbs for anything near her.
Hope you guys are enjoying your rainy Monday as much as we are!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Proof that she smiles!!

Ok, so she was going through a funk last week. Everyone has those days, weeks... I mentioned to Andy that she can be quite moody and he said, "wonder where she gets that from....." Thanks Honey.

This week is so much better though. The girl is happy and loves playing with her new toy.

My job just got harder

Ok, my little girl is getting so big! Does she not look huge in this high chair?

This is why my job just got harder....she's a movin!

Taking a break to see what's on TV....
See ya Mom!

The girl is doing push-ups!