Thursday, September 30, 2010

Summary of tonight



One of the perks of being on my own with the kids in Houston is that Andy has no say in what they wear.
Even on gameday.
Even when we're playing his team.

Gig Em Ags! BTHO OSU!

Also, it must be noted....that I did everything I could to get that paci out of her mouth. She has never wanted one until she sees Graham with it.

It should also be noted...

that I had high expectations for these cute little pictures...but I should be used to this by now. I thought we'd learn some yells, give a big Gig Em thumbs up, maybe just smile for the camera or at least get my two little Ags looking at me at the same time...

but then Graham face planted.
And they were both so over it.

Way over it.
Giving me the stink eye.....



Monday, September 27, 2010

So Long, Farewell, Part 1

Our moving date is creeping up....and with that, I am enjoying every possible opportunity to love on my Houston friends.
Tommy Bahamas, you will be missed, just not as much as everyone in this picture. Thank you so much Becky for putting together such a special night last week. Throughout this whole process of moving, I have been going through the motions of what needs to get done and not taking time to really think about what this means leaving behind....because I'm not ready to. I can't. Oh, shoot, I'm crying just typing this.
Rachel, Sheila, Jacqueline, Rachel, me, Becky, and you all.
On a side note to all of this, I am not up for parent of the year award this year.
But the I-Pad is up for best babysitter.
Friday night, my wonderful neighbor, Delaisha...this cute person

had the neighbors over to her beautiful backyard to get together, drink, and be merry.
Does anyone else see what's wrong with this picture?
Notice the sippy cup? =)

Andy and I have loved living in our amazing neighborhood, Cottage Green, for 6 years now. Our neighbors have set the bar extremely high for our future ones. I know it just won't ever be the same.
You cannot walk down the street in this neighborhood without seeing and waving to at least three people. Progressive Halloween parties, park play dates, Pokeeno nights, and Hurricane parties.....
I don't think they have those in San Diego.

I love you Cottage Green crew.
And we're not even going to go here...
I said this is Part 1, and I'm going to drag this out as long as possible.
Movers come on Saturday....and not one box is packed.
I think it's about to get crazy.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Guess who's back??!!

We are all so THRILLED to have Andy back!!

Until Wednesday, when I take him to the airport again. But this time it will only be for 10 days...and that's so much better than 17. Which also means that as of Wednesday, we have 10 more days in our house.....

It's too early to drink wine, right??


Monday, September 13, 2010


Today we went to school. I woke up at 6:45 and were still 5 minutes late getting her there, but we did it! She had a little bit of a hard time letting go and walking in. Who am I kidding? She didn't walk in, the teacher had to pry her off of me. But within 5 minutes, I got a report that she was doing just fine.

And I was way fine. I went home, put G down for a nap, had a cup of coffee, and talked to the relocation company for two hours, met friends for lunch, walked Market Street, and picked her up. And honestly, it was bliss. I think we will all greatly benefit from the next 5 weeks that she gets of this before me move.

Here she is for a quick pic, since this was technically her first day, before rushing off.

Not too sure about all no token cute pics of her with the teacher or anything. And I had a crying infant on my hip who refused to sit in the stroller I drug in as well, so this was the best we got!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Papa, my white knight

Yesterday was one of the longest days of my life.
Speaking of long....

Andy has been gone for 12 days now.
12 days.
That's 288 hours by myself with 2 kids 2 and under.
But who's counting?

I am.
Andy gets back in 5 days.
120 hours to go...and Addison will be in pre-school for 8 of them.
Every bit helps.

Because for the last 12 days, at least one of us has been Addison has yet to go to school. Tomorrow is going to be glorious!

So yesterday, I got up after only 3 hours of sleep, I'll spare the details, but the day/night before was my time to be sick. Anyways, got up and got the kids, and hurried around the house feeding, cleaning, laundry doing, dressing, not showering...didn't have get all three of us out of the house for 3 back to back showings.

This was after cleaning the house the day before for 2 hours, getting the kids out of the house during naptime, only to have a showing cancelled. I was spitting venom, I was so mad.

Anyways, got the kids out of the house, ran a few errands, and met Sheila and Jacqueline for lunch at Lupe Tortilla. I figured that a mexican place where they serve unlimited chips and tortillas was my best bet with 2 tired kiddos.

It was one of the most stressful meals of my life. Addison proceeded to push every button I had left, forget push, she yanked the buttons out and tossed them to the table behind us while she was beating the poor lady's head as she was jumping on the seat. I decided even Lupe's beef fajitas weren't worth the ounce of sanity I had left to regroup, get them in the car and head home as Addison is yelling, "Almost time to go night night" pleading for her nap.

I left Sheila and Jacqueline to finish their meal in peace. We went home, had a nap, and I decided I better try and go grocery shopping if we wanted to eat anything this week. I took both kids, which is one of my least favorite things to do. Addison drove the "car", G was in the cart, and she proceeds to yell for cookie, which there was no way she was getting after the way she had acted all day, and then she decides to abandon the cart, throw herself on the floor in the middle of the aisle and have a category 5 tantrum in the middle of Kroger. I was so done by this point, that I just called her bluff and waved "bye" to her as I left with Graham down the next aisle.

This poor lady tries to scoop her up off the ground and bring her to me, thinking that I was just abandoning her, and I start crying to this complete stranger, telling her how my husband has already moved and we're in the middle of this transfer, and I'M LOSING MY MIND.

Poor, sweet woman.

So yesterday sucked.

Today, my white night, otherwise known, as "Papa" to G&A, "dad" to Andy, or "huge answer to prayer" to me, showed up at 8am. Thank you Jesus for my father-in-law.

He stayed from 8am until 8pm. It was beyond wonderful.

The kids played. Laundry got done. A second trip to the grocery store was finish the disaster that was attempted on Saturday. The house was cleaned. Kids were fed.

I showered.

It is amazing what a difference a second set of hands makes. I am not being dramatic. I do not know how single parents do it. I have an amazing amount of appreciation, respect, and awe for them.

So enough of the jabber, here are some pics, of healthy, happy people.

Both Addison and Graham adore this puppy chair. I so wish Babystyle hadn't of gone out of business! Graham watched his sister love on the puppy, and then he repeatedly climbed on and kissed him too.

Hope that everyone has a great week! Here's to a quick 5 days. We miss you daddy...more than you know.


Friday, September 3, 2010

9 Months

Happy Boy! I can't believe how big you are getting.
You are always happy....except when you're not. Refer to previous post below.

You love being held, being read to, eating food on your own and grabbing Harley's tail.

Your favorite books are Goodnight Moon and Baby Boo, which you think is hilarious. That mirror gets you everytime. And I would probably get a kick out of looking at myself if I was that cute too!
You are crawling all over, but you have put your own spin on it by hiking your back foot up every time. You are pulling up on everything and love playing with your fisher price farm and well as anything else you can put in your mouth.
You love to eat and want to do it all by yourself. Mac & cheese is already a big favorite, surprise, surprise. You even had your first brownie this week because mom wanted to use you as a pawn to show your sister what happens if you eat your green beans, but she didn't fall for it. You, however, did not allow one morsel of that brownie to hit the floor.
You are becoming a little bit of a momma's guy right now. Pretty much following me everywhere, pulling up and hugging on my legs until I give in and pick you up.
You are also your daddy's boy because you will try to watch TV any way you can...even if it means in the mirror of the car seat while facing backwards. Whatever keeps you happy.
Still a pretty good sleeper, going down around 7 and waking up about 7:30 with an hour nap in the AM and two-three hour nap in the afternoon. You're good as long as you have your paci and sleepsack.
Cutting your second tooth on the bottom...
Still eating with mom about three times a day....never thought we'd make it this far, but I'm already sad about weaning you.
Love this grin!!! So proud of yourself!
Still fitting into 6-12 month clothes, but will have to get some new ones pretty soon when we go to San Diego. Have been told by many that you and your sister will be mostly in long sleeves year round.
I love you pumpkin!