Monday, September 13, 2010


Today we went to school. I woke up at 6:45 and were still 5 minutes late getting her there, but we did it! She had a little bit of a hard time letting go and walking in. Who am I kidding? She didn't walk in, the teacher had to pry her off of me. But within 5 minutes, I got a report that she was doing just fine.

And I was way fine. I went home, put G down for a nap, had a cup of coffee, and talked to the relocation company for two hours, met friends for lunch, walked Market Street, and picked her up. And honestly, it was bliss. I think we will all greatly benefit from the next 5 weeks that she gets of this before me move.

Here she is for a quick pic, since this was technically her first day, before rushing off.

Not too sure about all no token cute pics of her with the teacher or anything. And I had a crying infant on my hip who refused to sit in the stroller I drug in as well, so this was the best we got!


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Lacey said...

Hadley had to be pryed off me yesterday too. She wanted her bb (blanket) and paci, both which are only allowed during nap time. She cried for over an hour. They will get used to it. Have you found a preschool out in cali for her when you get there??