Friday, September 3, 2010

9 Months

Happy Boy! I can't believe how big you are getting.
You are always happy....except when you're not. Refer to previous post below.

You love being held, being read to, eating food on your own and grabbing Harley's tail.

Your favorite books are Goodnight Moon and Baby Boo, which you think is hilarious. That mirror gets you everytime. And I would probably get a kick out of looking at myself if I was that cute too!
You are crawling all over, but you have put your own spin on it by hiking your back foot up every time. You are pulling up on everything and love playing with your fisher price farm and well as anything else you can put in your mouth.
You love to eat and want to do it all by yourself. Mac & cheese is already a big favorite, surprise, surprise. You even had your first brownie this week because mom wanted to use you as a pawn to show your sister what happens if you eat your green beans, but she didn't fall for it. You, however, did not allow one morsel of that brownie to hit the floor.
You are becoming a little bit of a momma's guy right now. Pretty much following me everywhere, pulling up and hugging on my legs until I give in and pick you up.
You are also your daddy's boy because you will try to watch TV any way you can...even if it means in the mirror of the car seat while facing backwards. Whatever keeps you happy.
Still a pretty good sleeper, going down around 7 and waking up about 7:30 with an hour nap in the AM and two-three hour nap in the afternoon. You're good as long as you have your paci and sleepsack.
Cutting your second tooth on the bottom...
Still eating with mom about three times a day....never thought we'd make it this far, but I'm already sad about weaning you.
Love this grin!!! So proud of yourself!
Still fitting into 6-12 month clothes, but will have to get some new ones pretty soon when we go to San Diego. Have been told by many that you and your sister will be mostly in long sleeves year round.
I love you pumpkin!


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Lacey said...

He is absolutely precious!! And I love Goodnight Moon. It was Ellie's favorite and for awhile, Hadley would not go to sleep unless we read it to her before bedtime. We had to buy multiple copies just incase one got lost. LOL.

Little man is getting so big. Changing so much. And is such a little cutie pie!! I love him!