Thursday, October 9, 2008

Addison's Favorite Things

Addison is at such a fun age....6 months today!  She is so alert and loves to play..which got me thinking...

I have been asking so many moms that I know what toys have been hits with their kids and which ones we should pass on....I'm looking for ideas for Christmas.  So...I thought I would put it out there which toys/things have been hits with us...and which ones we should have passed on.  I know it was so overwhelming trying to register and figure out what we needed/wanted/or shouldn't waste our time on.  So I decided I would make our own 6 month hit and miss list.

If any of you have any advice on which things are "must haves" for 6-12 month olds, please let me know!

Addison absolutely loves....

This Manhattan Toy "winkle" has been a hit for a few months now..
Infantino Bendy Bug....great rattle

This one has been a life saver....actually lets me get a shower in and entertains me as much as her...well almost.  It at least has a little hip hop, jazz, and reggae music instead of the nursery rhyme stuff...

Leap Frog Learning Table....huge hit.  She reaches for it all the time.  As an added bonus, has a bilingual button which, let's be honest is a lot more fun for me than her.  "Arriba!!" 
Evenflo exersaucer.....I didn't actually register for this one.  Wish I did, but ended up finding one for cheap on Woodlands Online.  I am addicted to that thing.  It's like Ebay, but in your own neighborhood.  It gets more hits than my email.
Vtech little driver


Katie said...

Anything Leapfrog is great--we've always loved their products. I'm completely w/ you on the wipes warmer AND the bottle warmer. All four of mine had room temp food from the get-go.

For Christmas--I'd get her a pushing toy, walking deal. She'll probably be pulling up around then, and would love it before her birthday. You know what I'm talking about? A toy she could play w/ and push?

And, keep the baby einstein for awhile. It depends on the kid, really. Thomas did not watch anything on tv until he was 17 months, Anna was watching it directly out of the womb, and Rose STILL won't watch.

Lacey said...

I am with Katie...we usually love leapfrog products. Hadley, Gavin and ellie all loved the Winkle also. And the bendy bug is also a big hit. One toy that Ellie loved and Hads is starting to enjoy is the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Home. It is a BIG hit. I bet Addison would Love that for christmas. Also the ball popper if you don't have it already. And if you haven't discovered Boynton books yet- try them out...all my kids love them!