Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Nana!

We surprised grandma on Friday night when we showed up to celebrate her birthday dinner at Carrabas, but she was even more surprised when we got back to her house and she found her birthday present. I wasn't playing around about getting her a Wii. I looked around all last week and finally found one at Game Stop, and Andy and I set it up for her before dinner. She loved it! Funny story.....when I went inside Game Stop to buy it...I was slightly out of place with an infant in a stroller. I was waiting patiently in line hoping that I would get one of the last two available while the WAY overweight 15 year old in front of me discussed what costume he was wearing to the upcoming gamers convention this weekend with the cashier. After they determined what would be the "most awesome" costume to wear to Reliant, it was finally my turn to pay for the Wii and get out of there. I'm so out of touch (and just find with that)... It's like a whole different world of people, those gamers.
Dressed in her Sunday best! We decided after crying all through Sunday school today that next week will be Addison's first day in the church nursery.
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