Monday, December 22, 2014

That trip we took back in JULY!

Lo and behold the blog isn't dead!
It may have been six months but I'm going to do my best to give you the cliff notes version...(there probably isn't even such thing anymore) of what's been going on the second half of this year for our family.
Starting with a farewell tour of California we took the kids on back in July.

We woke up at 4am and got on the road headed for San Francisco.
We saved the scenic route for the way home and went the most direct route up...

it paid off because we made it to San Francisco around noon!
The kids were really excited to see the Golden Gate Bridge.

Our family is a little obsessed with this landmark.
I mean it's so pretty!  

We checked into our hotel near the wharf and then spent the day exploring the city....Lombard St, and just walking the streets.

Andy and I are pretty big planners, especially when it comes to trips....but the best part of our trip was the spontaneous decision to rent tandem bikes our first full day there.
We each had a kid and we took an 8 mile bike ride across Golden Gate into Sausalito for lunch.

Seriously our favorite experience as a family so far.....ever.
Six months later the kids still talk about it all the time.

They were the perfect age for it.
They could pedal and "help" but feel independent and keep we always knew where they were.  =)  

We had fun, but one 8 mile bike trip was enough....we took the ferry back.
That was fun too!

After one full day in SF, we started heading south and stopped by Stanford.
Addison keeps saying she wants to move back to California when she gets older (who can blame her), but we told her she better go to Stanford so she can get a good job to afford it.  Ha!
Aim high kiddo.

After a night in (I think San Jose?  I can't remember it's been six months...)...we went on a train ride through the redwoods.
The kids had a lot of fun, but I'm glad we stuck with the 2 hour ride instead of the 4 hour option.  =)

Next up we headed to Monterrey and saw the famous aquarium.

Then to Carmel and 17 mile drive.
I think Andy and I enjoyed this part more than the then they were more interested in whatever was playing on the DVD.

Taking in Pebble Beach

And then we continued south to Big Sur and drove 10 and 2 for the next four hours.
I'd done this drive before, but it still freaks me out.  
The views make it worth it though.

Ok just looking at this makes me miss CA again.
The Woodlands can't quite compete with this.
Stop for lunch

We ended the trip going through Paso Robles (tried our hand at taking kids with us to a few wineries)...I don't suggest it....and then went through one of our favorite cities of Santa Barbara on the way back home for the last time to San Diego.


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