Monday, December 22, 2014

So Long, Farewell...

Dang goodbyes.
Also, I'm looking at these pictures right now (taken in July) and we will never be that tan again ever.
We definitely left part of our heart in San Diego....people we love, memories, it was just an amazing time and we were so blessed to have the four years there we did.  We are just starting to feel settled here in Houston six months later, but looking back at these pictures....dang.  We love that place.  We love these people.


but really feeling....

It's appropriate that I share a quote from Graham today (six months after this picture was taken)

"Addison, I only have one girlfriend and she lives in California."
He was of course referring to Addi, his best buddy here, who also happens to belong to one of my best buddies, Joy.

Matt & Dasso (two of Andy's best friends) giving the kids a whirl....

Addi, Logan, Graham, Asher, and Brayden

Keeva, Addison, Eva, and Autumn

Joy & "baby" Henry


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