Wednesday, June 19, 2013

TIme for some pics

I'm sure some of you can identify, but figuring out what to give your parents in terms of gifts gets harder and harder.  They don't really need anything.  They say they don't want anything, but you can't really just not give them anything.....

My parents often just ask for recent pictures of the kiddos....especially since they get to see them a lot less frequently in recent years.  I love pictures.  I love taking pictures, but lately I've only been pulling out my "big camera" when taking pictures of other people and pictures of my own kids usually find their way onto the phone and Instagram (which I love), but never get printed out.
After promising my dad for Father's Day some recent pictures (and probably a good chance I promised my mom for Mother's Day a month ago), I decided I better make good on my promise, and told the kids we were going to have some fun with the camera and there would be jelly beans involved.







Mark and Corrie said...

Just gorgeous!!!

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