Monday, July 8, 2013

The Recital

Addison's first full year of dance is over, but not before ending it with a bang like most dancers do....The Recital.

I have been so proud of how far my little girl has come this year.  I didn't put Addison in dance so much as to learn dance, but to just be around other girls, and have fun doing something "girlie".
We are fortunate to have great friends in our lives who have amazing boys, and although she has some sweet girl friends, between her brother and the friends we chose early for her.....she has been surrounded by boys!

She blossomed and came out of her shell this year (from not even feeling comfortable in her own little class) to giggling with the girls and not being scared at all to perform on stage in front of hundreds of other picture happy parents and family like myself.

Now I can find her outside in the backyard coordinating her own dance routines and asking me to watch, and already looking forward to another fun year!

And now the pictures...

I'm so glad they have dress rehearsal for the parents' sake as much as the girls.
Have you ever put eyeliner on a five year old?  Don't.
We were given directions or I wouldn't have even tried.
This is the dress rehearsal.

And this was the real deal....toned down thank goodness.  =)

We weren't allowed to take pictures during the actual show but I tried to get a few during dress rehearsal.

Oops, she's spotted me.

Rockin' Robin is ready to go!


I love this picture!

And I've included this one because I never get any pictures with my girl, but let's just say it's never a good idea for your five year old to have on more makeup than you do.

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The Montgomerys said...

you are so good at this photography thing! amazing shots!! beautiful family:)